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What is the Best Heating System for Your Home?

There are several common ways that homes are heated today, including ceiling heat and central heat systems. Ceiling systems generally use radiant heat, and central heat systems propel heat through ducts into every room in the home. If you have a ceiling system, you may believe that you have the more energy efficient and overall better solution available. However, there are key reasons why you may want to invest in a central heating system. With a closer look at what today’s innovative heating systems have to offer, you may be ready to contact your technician to make an upgrade.

New Energy Efficient Centralized Models Are Available

When your ceiling heat system was installed, it may have been several years or even decades ago. Great strides have been made in HVAC units in recent years, and this means that there are some very energy efficient models of central heat systems available today. These may be more energy efficient than the radiant heat option that you are using. In addition, when the new system is installed, you can upgrade your insulation for even better savings. For example, spray-in foam insulation is often viewed as being superior and more energy efficient than fiberglass foam. Altogether, making an upgrade to a new model can save you a considerable amount of money on energy costs each year.

Central Heating is Better for Your Pipes

An HVAC unit blows heated air outward through the ducts, and it fills the entire home with warm heat. Some homes with ceiling heat are not heated in every room in the home. This means that some rooms are cooler than others with a ceiling heat system. You may not realize it, but the air inside your exterior walls is affected by the temperature inside the home. The pipes run through these walls, so their temperature is also affected by the temperature inside the home. Because a central heating system heats the entire home evenly, there is less chance that your pipes may freeze and rupture during the winter months. Plus, you will enjoy having your home more comfortably heated throughout as well.

Central Heating is Compatible with Programmable Thermostats

When you upgrade your system to a more modern central heat system, you can also choose to invest in a programmable thermostat with smart controls. These are thermostats that can be programmed to adjust to a different temperature numerous times a day as needed to save energy without sacrificing your comfort level. In addition, you can control and monitor them via your smart phone or another device for ultimate savings.

Ceiling heat systems may be outdated and less efficient than the more modern HVAC units that are on the market today, and there are other upgraded features available as well, such as new insulation and thermostat controls. When you make the decision to upgrade to a modern system, you can take advantage of all of the benefits available through each of these climate-control features so that your home uses less energy and stays more comfortable in the process.

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