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Gas Fireplaces in Boise

Make Heating Your Nampa Home Easier

Gas fireplaces offer greater benefits over traditional wood fireplaces. Whether you are looking to upgrade your wood-burning fireplace or install a more convenient heating system, let Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling help you. We bring with us over 20 years of helping Boise residents install this type of heating system. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed information on the installation process and provide an upfront cost estimate. Once the installation is complete, you can also count on us to help you maintain your fireplace.

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Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

Although wood-burning fireplaces are useful, the cost of buying wood is expensive. Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, are easier to manage. When a gas fireplace is installed, the chimney can be placed in the most efficient location. There are also gas fireplaces that do not use a chimney. Wood burning fireplaces must have a flue, such as a stainless-steel chimney system. Also, the installation cost for a wood fireplace is more expensive.

Other benefits include:

  • Safety – Gas fireplaces offer the best safety benefits to homeowners with the safety shutoff valve. This stops gas from leaking in the home.
  • Convenience – Homeowners can light the fireplace by using a remote. Homeowners who use wood fireplaces must buy wood to warm the home.
  • Savings – Gas fireplaces offer great energy efficiency. These units often feature a glass that stops air from traveling up the chimney when the fireplace is not being used. The glass helps you control the combustion. Wood fireplaces, however, are not very efficient because they let warm air travel out of the home when the fireplace is not used.

Overall, maintaining a gas fireplace is easier than maintaining a wood fireplace. There is no need to inspect the chimney for issues that could cause chimney fires.

Professional Gas Fireplace Installation Process

Before installing the fireplace unit, our expert Boise HVAC service technicians will build a platform. Next, the piping will be installed based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Once this task is complete, the gas and electric elements will be installed. Finally, our technicians will build a frame for your gas fireplace.

Ready to install your new gas fireplace in Boise or Nampa? Call (208) 505-9352 today for immediate service.

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