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Don’t Hire Another HVAC Company Before Reading This

It is always incredibly important to hire the right technicians when dealing with your home’s heating and cooling. However, more often than not, homeowners overlook many things that could go wrong and simply settle for the cheapest price. We would like you to please take these into consideration next time you want a professional heating and cooling services for your home.


It’s is important that a HVAC company acquire a license for their business. There are four steps that an individual takes to get a HVAC license. First, a person should have a high school diploma. After that, the person can move on to a HVAC training program; which is generally offered at a technical college and will take 6 months to 2 years to complete. The third step, an apprenticeship, is done during the HVAC college training and takes 3-5 years to finish. The last step before acquiring a HVAC license is the completion and passing of the HVAC exam. This exam varies by state but most states do require additional certification for a person that desires to work with refrigerants, which are used in AC units.


A good HVAC company is one that is long-standing and offers a fair price. A fair price is not always cheapest, as cheapest sometimes means cutting corners and not repairing or installing a piece of equipment properly. A good company knows their product, and knows that the big picture is the customer’s home or building. The equipment that is installed helps regulate the environment of the home, to the customer’s taste. Hence, proper understanding of heating and cooling equipment is needed. An experienced company knows that it should treat its customers with care; and an employee will ask a customer questions to effectively understand a their problem. A good HVAC company also treats their employees well, as these people will see their customers daily, and need to be adequately educated in their field to ensure that their customers receive the best possible service.


A good insurance plan can save a business and its customers money, time and energy. The three most basic types of insurance for a HVAC business are: general liability, property, and workers compensation insurance. General liability insurance covers lawsuits filed against a company as well as investigations and settlements resulting from accidents at or outside a business. In this way, general liability insurance protects the business and its customers. Property insurance covers intentional and non-intentional damages to all business items, and also includes damages to a customer’s property. Workers compensation insurance covers any injury to an employee or business owner while on the job. Some companies also choose to have an umbrella policy, which covers any amount that was not covered by the original insurance plan.

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