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Why should I have AC maintenance services done?

Air conditioning is something we never think about until it breaks down on a 100 degree day. Did you know each year your air conditioning loses around 5% of its efficiency? It’s true in fact components of your AC unit weakens and breaks down overtime. Without routine AC maintenance you could end up having to pay thousands out of pocket for major repairs that could have been prevented altogether. So the question is, why is it important to have your AC unit maintained in the summer?

As you may know it or not, the AC is a great power hog! The longer you go without getting your AC unit maintenance the more you will have to pay each month on your electric bill. This can happen to those who have energy-efficient AC’s as well. The best thing to do when trying to avoid higher the normal electric bills is by taking proper care of your unit while getting your AC maintenance when time is due. When doing those two things, your AC will be running up to 95% of its original efficiency.

We also want to save on repairs and by doing so we have to make sure that we take on the responsibility to get our AC units maintenance on a regular basis. In other words, it costs more to repair the unit than to get it checked, so if you decided to neglect getting your AC maintained when time is due, then you are risking a fat chance of having to pay expenses which could have been avoided from the beginning.

When hiring a good HVAC company to maintain your AC Unit, you will notice that they will clean out coils, check for leaks and Freon levels. They will also replace filters as needed. When little things like changing the filter and check Freon levels are ignored then you risks ruining a perfectly good climate control unit while breaking your wallet.

Having a warranty for you unit is a great idea! However, when negligence takes place then your warranty will be voided. Manufacturers require annual maintenance for the warranty to be honored.

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