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  • Excellent Customer Service !
    With Boise area expected to hit 100s starting this weekend (08/16/2020), Jason came-over on his day-off (weekend) and fixed our A/C. It was an interesting mix-up on which house to go to, but when they say they will be there - they will be there, guaranteed! Outstanding Customer Service! 5-stars!!!

    - DennisB

    Boise, ID
  • 20061Y02
    I surveyed seven companies to quote a new HVAC system and found Wickstrom to be the best to work with in terms of price, quality, knowledge, and honesty. I worked with Jason and Austin from Wickstrom. The interaction was professional and there was no pressure to "act immediately" (unlike some of their competitors) or pay several thousand dollars later in costs. In addition, Wickstrom quoted a high-quality two-stage AC unit compared to the other competitors that quoted a single-stage unit in attempt to look more attractive. When some of the other competitors learned that I was no longer interested in their offering they began to offer a lower price which irritated me, that approach is called is "bid shopping" and it's very unethical and proved they were trying to gouge me with their first attempt. I highly recommend Wickstrom Service Co and have since signed up for their maintenance to program to service my current system.

    - Tom C

  • Fantastic!
    Wonderful, fast, and friendly service. Our air conditioner went out in the middle of a hot day. We were able to get someone out the next day. The guys who came out were great! They figured out the problem and fixed it quickly. We will definitely keep doing business here! Thank you!!

    - Nichole

    Nampa, ID
  • Great service!
    Jason and Austin did a fabulous job! Fast and efficient. Great communication on issue and resolution. I bought a service agreement based on this excellent service!

    - Darlene Mills

    Boise, ID
  • Great service
    Chris and Stewart were out today, 8/5. They got our mini splits cleaned out and draining, and wired correctly! Professional guys and did great work! Would highly recommend!

    - Eric

    New Plymouth, ID
  • Best crew in town
    Thanks for the amazing, efficient, and friendly service yesterday. The crew(Kody,Max,Joseph&Stewart) were the absolute best!

    - Williams household

  • Thanks Guys!
    Joe, Jake, and Kody responded to our leaking water line. They stopped by to introduce themselves prior to fixing our leak. They came back the next day and fixed our line. Appreciate all 3 of them.

    - N/A

    Boise, ID
  • Down Home Honesty!!!!!!
    First of all - Helen leaves a great first impression when she answers the phone. She is friendly and personable and by the time we were done scheduling an appointment I was ready to invite her for coffee!! Blake came out to unclog my bathtub, but discovered the problem was simply a stuck stopper. He adjusted that for me - and WhaLaa - the tub now drains!!! While he was here I also asked him to look at my sink/disposal as it was backing up as well. He willingly took the extra time to look at that and gave me several different options for a fix. He graciously answered all my questions, gave me a bunch of options and never once did I feel any high pressure sales pitch from him. He was highly professional, super friendly and clean. I will definitely keep Wickstrom Service Co on speed-dial as I will certainly need them again!!!

    - Tammie

    Nampa, ID
  • Quality Service
    Garrett, Jake, Kody, Max, Colton and Joe did an outstanding job of repairing the main water line to our home. The team was professional, proficient and provided updates throughout the project. Thank you for a job well done!

    - Great professional service

  • Try finding a better experience.
    From Helen to Kody, Jake and Mason they all made dealing with a water line leak a positive experience through out the whole process. Kody ,Jake and Mason were all knowledgeable, timely,helpful and worked well as a a team. They explained the process,answered questions and put everything back together like it never even happened. I was impressed with their workmanship and customer service. Thank You.

    - M. R.

  • Great & honest company
    These guys were fantastic right from the start. They replied to my inquiry within a few hours. They continued to keep me informed at all stages of planning and execution. I met their team and watched them work. The team did a great job and I earnestly recommend them to anyone needing their services.

    - Greg Y

    Boise, ID
  • Thorough and Patient
    Would give them 5 stars. Colton did a great job with leak detection. Was eager to explain the process and his findings so that we could understand the situation. Kody, Jake and Mason did the repair. They were efficient, clearly explained their findings and recommendations and put things back together nicely.

    - Lee

  • The best
    These guys were out twice to replace the water line under the house. Our water was turned off for a minimal time. When they filled the trench with the dug up dirt, they not only did a great job of smoothing it out, THEY SPREAD GRASS SEED over the dirt. Who does that?! They were all SO polite and kept me informed and included me in their decisions all the way. Jake, Kody, Max, and Mason-------2nd to none!

    - Judy Helm

    Boise, ID
  • Water main repair
    I had a leak in the water main approximately 7' from a sprinkler system valve box with 4 zone lines. Wickstrom's did a great job across the board ... estimate (Garrett), scheduling (Helen), water main repair (Garrett & Chance). A 5' plus section of a sprinkler line that was removed to facilitate digging was also repaired. The repair at each end of that sprinkler line ended up leaking days apart, but Garrett came back both times to repair (no charge). I did the hand digging in both cases to verify the leaks were on their sprinkler line repairs and not another sprinkler line nearby that would be my responsibility to fix. In this case crimp clamps were replace with hose clamps. I would not hesitate in using Wickstrom service Co for future work.

    - Tom Spencer

    Boise, ID
  • Plumbing
    Max and Kody came to repair a water line in our front yard. They were very professional and did a great job.

    - Brian

    Boise, ID
  • Headache gone!!!
    We have water!! I mean water in the house again. Not a swimming pool in our front yard!!!! Thanks again Jake, Kody and Max!!!

    - Bret

    Boise, ID
  • Great Job!
    Thank you Wickstrom Plumbing! Chance was the first to come to my home to evaluate the water leak in my front yard; Colton came out and located the leak and Kody and Jake repaired the leak. Each one who came out took time to explain what was going on and to answer any questions we had. They were all very knowledgeable and professional and represented Wickstrom Plumbing very well! Kody and Jake did a great job with the excavation and repair! Thank you!

    - Linda L.

    Boise, ID
  • Main water leak
    I was very upset at the thought of my lawn being dug up to fix the leak. Both of the men (Max and Cody) were really amazing. They put me at ease and they did a fabulous job. They couldn't have been more kind and caring about me and the situation. They fixed the leak and put the lawn back so that it looks great. I highly recommend this company if they train and hire people like these two men. Thanks so much!

    - Marsha

  • Couldn’t have been better
    I called Wickstrom after a recommendation from a friend to deal with a leak in my kitchen. The employee was knowledgeable, efficient and polite. Although the access to the pipes involved getting into the crawl space in my downstairs, after assessing the situation, he got to work and took time to fix the old pipes. I couldn’t be more pleased with the quality of the work and the repair expense!

    - Jennifer

    Boise, ID
  • Waterline repair
    Jake and Cody were some the friendliest, most chivalrous and kind hearted people we've ever had the pleasure of doing business with, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    - Daphne

    boise, ID