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Are you wondering whether you need an AC repair or replace your AC? Many people as this question all the time – should I repair or replace my AC? Well, like so many things in life, it depends. An air conditioning system should last about 15 years. But the situation will determine when you should consider replacement.

If an air conditioner that’s more than a decade old begins to break down, consider replacement rather than a repair. Usually, only one of the air conditioner’s major components, compressor or coil, fails, but it is usually more cost-effective to replace the whole system at once.

The best option is to have a properly trained and qualified AC repair technician in Melba examine your equipment and provide you with an honest assessment. Some 10-year-old AC systems need total replacement due to lack of proper maintenance. Some 20-year-old AC systems look and works efficiently because they have been well maintained. Qualified AC repair technicians in Melba know what to look for and can give you an honest assessment of your air conditioning system.

Just Because It’s New, Doesn’t Mean It’s Working

If you live in a good-looking newer home but still have the builder’s quality HVAC system which costs you more in utility bills than they should, it might be time to get a replacement of your AC, even if it still works. Every situation is different when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your AC. Wickstrom’s reliable AC services technicians in Melba can help you determine what’s the best way to handle the situation.

There are some other considerations that can help you in your decision, and these include finding out how much you could save by getting a newer high-efficiency air conditioning system. Our experienced AC services technicians in Melba can also let you know about a tool where you can enter the details of your existing AC system, such as age, size, and where you live, and find out how much you can save.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, repairing or replacing your AC system is something that only you can decide on based on your comfort, environmental, and financial needs. Sometimes, the decision is not an easy one, so if you are not sure what is right, perhaps you would like to schedule in-home analysis of your existing air conditioning system. Call or email us if you have any questions.

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