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Summer is here and you know what that means. Hot weather and sticky sleepless nights are on the horizon. But, you don’t have to suffer when ac services from Wickstrom can make your life cool and comfortable, while saving you money, too.

Stay Cool With AC Services

It’s a well-known fact that equipment that is properly maintained can give you more years of reliable service than equipment that is neglected. That’s why Wickstrom should be your go-to AC services company. Wickstrom is based out of Nampa, Idaho, but is now branching out into several new geographical locations, including Meridian.

An AC system that is totally efficient and running properly is the key to comfort during the summer months. There’s nothing worse than turning on your AC and getting nothing but hot hair because it has not been properly maintained and has broken down. Don’t let this happen to you. You and your family deserve a cool comfortable home, and we want to ensure that you have one with Wickstrom ac services that are now available in and around the Meridian area.

Don’t Overlook Regular Ac Maintenance

Often AC maintenance is something that gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a stressful life like the one that most of us lead these days. Unfortunately, since AC units contain a seemingly endless amount of moving parts, the chance of any of them sustaining damage because of faulty maintenance is exceptionally high. That’s why annual AC maintenance is recommended by all AC manufacturers.

An important fact that you may not even be aware of is that at least half of home energy costs are eaten up by cooling and heating. That’s why the minimal cost of proper annual maintenance of AC systems is the best money you can spend. It can not only make your home more comfortable to live in, but save you some serious money as well. You could lose as much as five percent of the efficiency of your AC unit each year if your equipment is not properly maintained.

Call Today for Professional Cooling Service in Meridian

If you’re in need of a professional AC specialist in the Meridian area for repairs or maintenance, give the specialists at Wickstrom a call for top quality AC services. And, you could even end up saving more money with the online coupons and special sales.

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