Hydrojetting Services in Boise

Blast away stubborn debris in your pipes with hydrojetting services from Wickstrom Plumbing! Call (208) 466-9447 for immediate service in Boise, ID. Or, save money using our online sales and promotions.

Hydrojetting Services in Boise

Hydrojetting might be the perfect solution to a sewer line or main drain that has a clog that simply can’t be removed by simple rootering, snaking or other techniques. Our plumbers at Wickstrom Plumbing in Boise are highly experienced and skilled at using hydrojetting, and are available to schedule no matter what time you need to call us.

Why is Hydrojetting So Effective?

Hydrojetting is effective because it uses water at great pressure to blast any debris out of a sewer line. This includes stubborn tangles of tree roots that have managed to infiltrate our customer’s pipes.

The pressure is usually around 3,500 pounds per square inch at about 18 gallons per minute. Not only this, but some hydrojet mechanisms are equipped with a scouring head. This is a revolving head with teeth that scrape debris from the sides of the pipe even as the water blasts away any clogs. All of the refuse is then swept down to the municipal sewer or into the home’s septic system.

To perform hydrojetting, one of our plumbers will open the cleanout plug to the sewer line and insert the hydrojet. Because the water is inserted under such high pressure, hydrojetting is definitely a job left to one of our professional technicians.

When Would You Need Hydrojetting Services?

Our clients need hydrojetting services when nothing else will stop their drains from either backing up or being slow to empty out. Even if other techniques ease the problems of slow or stopped drains, they won’t clear the pipes out as thoroughly as hydrojetting. After hydrojetting, a video camera that’s inserted in the drain will show a pipe that is absolutely clean.

Also, homeowners who have private septic systems might want to be wary of using harsh chemicals to clear out a clog. These chemicals might work but might also damage their pipes or destroy the bacteria in their septic tank. This will stop the septic system from working altogether and may cost them thousands of dollars to repair.

What Kind of Problems Will Hydrojetting Solve?

Often, the pipes will be obstructed with clogs of hair, grease, limescale, rust or other debris or blocked with tiny, hairlike roots that can extend up and down the pipe for many feet.

Also, if a customer wants to have his or her pipe lined, hydrojetting may be necessary to make sure that the pipe is absolutely clean. A pipe that’s lined with debris can cause pipe lining to fail.

Hydrojetting is a great way to make sure your drains will continue working properly. If used properly and on a regular amount of time throughout the year hydrojetting will save you tons of money that would otherwise be spent on products like drain cleaners, and on costly repair projects.

Get Professional Hydrojetting Services With Wickstrom!

Wickstrom Plumbing has been the premier plumbing contractor in the area of Boise, Idaho for over 20 years. We not only offer our customers hydrojetting but other, more routine plumbing services as well. We also install plumbing and perform repiping. We install, service and repair heat pumps, furnaces and boilers and other HVAC systems. Our dedication to providing the best service to our customers is second to none and our parts and labor come with warranties.

Make blocked sewer lines and drains a thing of the past, and blast away debris with a complete hydrojet cleaning. Call (208) 466-9447 to schedule an immediate appointment.