Draino: To Use or Not to Use

plumbing pipesAre you battling with the decision about how to clean out a clogged drain and are not sure if you can find an unbiased opinion about whether or not to use Drano? While there are plenty of scientific studies online to show that certain types of clogged pipes can be cleaned without corrosion by specific products, this is not the end of the battle. Instead, the real damage may not be the pipes at all, and calling a Boise Idaho plumber maybe your best solution.

Pipes are not the concern of Drano damage, necessarily

Companies that sell drain cleaners often run tests on various types of plumbing pipes and adhesives to ensure that the product is not damaging the drain. Regardless, around the plumbing pipes are other types of materials that may not have been tested to see if they can withstand the corrosive effects of powerful drain cleaners. If you have recently remodeled your bathroom or kitchen, consider the fact that air pockets can be released when you use drain cleaners and cause liquid products to bubble up in strong bursts that may extend to outside of the drain area. While it may not be a large splash, these corrosive agents could potentially damage surrounding porcelain, ceramic, metals, wood, or stone counter-tops.

When the clog is in the yard pipes

Sadly, many apartment renters and homeowners alike do not realize that their septic systems are attached to a cesspool that has not been pumped in a long time. Adding drain cleaners to pipes that are clogged completely will mean that you will have standing water with a corrosive agent for as long as it takes to get the septic tank cleaned. In some cases, having the chemicals exposed to the air in the home can cause health problems and will need to be removed by a wet/dry vacuum.

Sometimes, Drano may not be the right product for people with disabilities

One of the aspects of using Drano that the makers of the product would agree with is using supervision and supervising other household members while using the product. In some cases, you may find that you and your family are not suited for using Drano. For example, if you are legally blind and the primary supervising adult in the household, you may not have enough vision skills to supervise a case of Drano gone wrong. Other instances where a household is not suited for using Drano may include adults with dementia or other household members that have difficulty following directions and staying out of the area where Drano is being used.

Avoid using Drano outdoors

Everyone likes to work to protect the environment, but it is easy to overlook the fact that Drano should not be used in the outdoors. This is especially tempting if you have an outside drain that is clogged with leaves, but consider the animals that may drink from water that has collected in the drain. In addition to pets, wildlife can be negatively affected by drinking corrosive agents.

Give a Boise plumbing pro a call today!

Now that you have a better understanding of situations where Drano may not be the best solution for you and your home, your next step is to give a Boise Idaho plumber a call. In addition to helping you understand how a product like Drano could be helpful, we can also give you other tips that help you assess whether calling a Boise plumbing professional is helpful or not. To get started, give us a call, and we thank you in advance for choosing us as part of your success team.

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