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Don’t Waste One More Cent On Energy Bills!

If a homeowner is in the market to save some money, they need to schedule a maintenance check on a routine basis for all major appliances in the home and one major appliance that homeowners overlook is the water heater.

We learned after many years in business, homeowners take their water heater for granted as this appliance is always working and cannot ever fail. If the homeowner does not keep a maintenance check that costs little to nothing can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars.

Our plumbing company has a good record of accomplishment for servicing clients professionally and skillfully. By failing to schedule routine maintenance checks on your water heater you may end up taking a cold shower in the dead of winter. Do not let a chilly shower and unexpected expenses catch you off guard.

Our company drains the water heater as a regular and required maintenance of the appliance. Minerals build up in the water heater in addition to sediment and pieces of debris. This build-up causes the water heater to malfunction temporarily or damages the heater and you will have to invest in a new heater. When you least expect the water heater to stop running it usually does.

Some plumbers feel that draining the water heater once a year is sufficient, however, we have been in business long enough to tell our customers that twice a year is better. If your family uses the water heater a great deal then there is no question about draining it at least two times per year.

If there is only yourself or maybe one other person you can get by with draining the heater yearly. If you have a larger family then professionals recommend homeowners call a plumber twice a year, especially if you use a washing machine, dishwasher, and shower frequently.

Give us a call in early spring and late fall to make sure your water heater operates to the maximum capability all year around. Do not get stuck in a chilly shower on a cold winter day.

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