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Benefits For Your Kitchen

1. Cleaner Kitchen & Food Prep – Trash bins can be a very messy and inefficient way to get rid of waste, especially food. The correct place to remove food waste is inside of a garbage disposal which liquefies and drains the food right down to your septic tank where you never have to deal with it again. If you want to enjoy a cleaner kitchen, install a garbage disposal.

2. Space Advantage – Instead of having a huge trash bin that handles all your food waste, the garbage disposal bin is hidden under your sink. You will no longer have to find a space for a trash bin and no matter how hard you try, it always ends up in an awkward corner where you trip on it.

Environmental & City Benefits

3. Landfill Issue – Having your food be eliminated by a garbage disposal is the best alternative to having the garbage services transport the waste to landfill. This completely solves the environmental issue that has been arising from normal waste.

4. Waste Transportation Cost – This may not directly effect you but it does effect the city you live in. Every house that has trash pick up instead of a garbage disposal creates tremendous costs for transportation to the landfill. Garbage disposals decrease this cost significantly.

5. Energy Is Produced From Food Waste – The food waste that is dumped down your garbage disposal is sent to your local municipal water treatment plant. They then use the waste to create energy for power.

6. Fertilizer Is Produced From Food Waste – Another use for the food waste that goes down your garbage disposal is for fertilizer. The same plant that uses the waste for energy also often uses it to produce fertilizer. This is more environmental friendly and cost efficient.

Benefits For You

7. Mistake Of Water & Electricity Concern – People often think that garbage disposals use too much electricity and drive the bills up higher. This is actually a misconception. Only 1% of your total water usage is driven by the garbage disposal. The electricity usage for the garbage disposal will only cost you, at most, 50 cents.

8. Quiet Garbage Disposal Options – Many people think that one of the biggest disadvantage of having a garbage disposal is the noise factor. There are now options for garbage disposals to come with super quiet grinding. This is no disruption at all.

9. Speed & Convenience – When having a garbage disposal, kitchen clean up is much faster and more efficient. Garbage disposals also operate with just a switch of a button too.

10. Durability – Garbage disposals are very hassle free because they are extremely durable. You will not have to worry about expensive repairs or maintenance.

Smelling a stink in the sink of your Boise area home? That means you need a garbage disposal. Call Wickstrom Plumbing at (208) 505-9352, and have an expert install one today!

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