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Anyone living in America is aware of the plumbing inside of the house, but what about the plumbing that extends from the home to the septic tank or to the sewer? While many Americans live in cities that have public sewers that may not require septic tanks, older homes in cities may still have them, and rural or suburban homes almost always do! No matter what type of septic situation that you have with your property, we are happy to help. To get a better understanding of the types of septic tank plumbing we do in the area, check out the details below.

Why extensive drain cleaning is sometimes required

When you are having a difficult time with getting your pipes to drain, sometimes the solution is much greater than plunging the sink or using a degreaser. Instead, even if you hire a Boise plumber that normally addresses all of the needs of your home, you may be asked to bring in professional drain cleaning services because the problem is not indoor plumbing, but outdoor septic tank-related pipe issues. While these types of drain cleaning services are not commonly needed, the good news is that technology is now on the homeowner’s side, and this saves you a significant amount of money on septic tank repairs.

Hydro-jetting cleans your pipes without chemicals

Are you seeking an effective solution for removing a severe clog that has interrupted the plumbing in your home that does not involve chemicals? Environmentally friendly homeowners may not appreciate heavy chemicals being used to clear their septic tank drains, and the solution is to use pure water. With specialized septic tank cleaning equipment, a hose is placed inside of the clogged drain and water is forced at high speeds around the clog until it is dislodged. Vacuums and other specialized septic tank plumbing equipment are used to finish the job.

No-dig, trench-less or minimal digging septic tank solutions

Naturally, one of the main issues that could be causing your septic tank drainage issues relates to a pipe that has burst. In the past, replacing a pipe meant digging up your yard and creating trenches to access the septic tank pipe. However, a new system has been developed that allows small pieces of machinery to go inside of your drainage pipe and repair the damaged area with a spray-able and fast-drying food-grade epoxy in a process called re-piping. Not only does this take care of your problem quickly, it also protects the homeowner from needing a landscaping company to refinish the lawn.

Give us a call today for septic tank plumbing services

Are you ready to fix your septic tank or drainage issues with the latest advances in technology? When you need experienced plumbing professionals on your side, give us a call. We are happy to help homeowners in the Boise area, and we are happy to answer your questions. When you call us, you can let our friendly staff know if you are having an emergency or simply want to schedule an appointment for an inspection. Of course, when you need to put long-term solutions in place, we are here to address the needs of your home and your budget. Thank you in advance for choosing us as your plumbers, and we are looking forward to your call.

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