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Water filtration removes chlorine, lead and bacterial contaminants from the water. Lead poisoning can occur after some time when lead is allowed to build up in the body. This can occur over months or several years. Children who are under the age of six are at most danger from lead poisoning. It affects their physical and mental development. This is why lead has been banned in toys, paint and other items.

Our bodies need roughly half our weight in ounces of water. The sad reality is that most people don’t drink enough water to benefit their health. In fact, many diseases are linked to an insufficient amount of water in the body. The main reason people don’t drink enough pure water is that they say it does not taste good. Water filtration produces better-tasting and better-smelling water because harmful contaminants are removed from it.

Save Money on Drinking Water

Water filtration costs less than purchasing bottled water. Bottled water can vary in prices—according to how it’s purchased. For instance, a gallon may cost about $1; whereas, a 24-pack of water can run between $3 and $4. The savings can be anywhere between 47 cents and upwards of $2.47 for a pack of 24-ounce bottles of water. This can add up to hundreds in savings for just one person by the end of the year. Imagine how much money can be saved for an entire household of people.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Apart from the abovementioned reasons water filtration is beneficial to the health, it’s also better for the skin. Skin integrity is important. Hard water, which is common in Boise, causes soap, shampoo, and conditioner to remain on the body in the form of residue. To some people, this might not sound like a big deal. However, substances that sit on the skin cause it to be dry and it blocks the skin from vital moisturization. People use lotion to cure this, but this does not really fix the problem. The best cure for dry skin from leftover soap residue is water filter installation. Once a water filter is installed, hair and skin become more radiant and retain moisture better. In addition, hard water does not properly clean the body, so you can expect to use less water in the shower and experience cleaner skin and hair.

There are 2100 known toxins that exist in some drinking water. Water filter installation is the best way to reduce these toxins in the water. You only have one body. Treat it well.

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