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Remodeling Your Kitchen? We Can Help!

Kitchen remodeling is an option for people looking to have a contemporary home without the rigors of a real estate sale and the logistics involved with moving a family. Remodeling can also be an option in buying a cheaper home in a high end neighborhood or to update a home for sale. All of these are options because remodeling for profit is not an easy task. In fact, most home renovations will not recoup the money that is put into them. However, kitchen remodels can sometimes recoup up to 90 percent of the renovation’s costs. This is the case when the remodels are done correctly both in design and construction. Good carpenters and finish people are obviously necessary for the proper design, but designers, architects and plumbers are also. In the planning process, architects and designers will consult with master plumbers and plumbing engineers to determine the capacity of the space to be modified. Plumbers can advise on the specifics and costs of relocating certain devices and components of the kitchen, as well as, requirements for certain appliances. This can save the designers and homeowners the expense of hiring inspectors without knowing of existing problems that can be addressed prior.

What Are The Benefits?

In smaller or do it yourself renovations, plumbers can advise the homeowner and renovation team of any existing problems, as well as, new technology and local code issues that an inexperienced remodeler may encounter. In addition, plumbers can map the existing pipe structure. This will enable the contractors to avoid compromising any water or gas pipe. Because master certified plumbers in most cases are also certified for gas and gas appliances, they can be employed for those important renovations or updates. These jobs will have to be inspected by governmental authorities and must be supervised by a licensed master plumber. This is for the safety of the inhabitants of the domicile. Plumbers will also be qualified to advise the homeowners of the proper time to engage in a re piping circumstance. Recent technological advances can retrofit a home’s plumbing with plumbing systems that require very little maintenance. These systems also reduce the risk for breaks and leaks. Because a majority of plumbing is in kitchens and bathrooms, when renovating these areas, retrofitting can be more cost effective at this point. Kitchen renovations should never proceed without a consultation with a reputable licensed plumber.

Are you looking to turn your Boise kitchen into an exquisite space for culinary creations? Call Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling at (208) 505-9352 for the plumbing help you need to make this dream come true.

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