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Precautions For Water Leaks

It can be frustrating discovering a new water leak in your home. Speaking from experience this is an issue only a licensed plumber should take care of as they can take care of the leak but any underlying problems that caused the leak.

New Leak Protocol

You are home and hear rain falling inside? This is not rain but a small leak that is rapidly getting bigger. What do you do?

Like most of us, you shut off the water main in hopes of fixing this yourself. I have learned the hard way to never try to fix plumbing issues yourself. If there is a leak it is most likely caused by an underlying issue. Keep the water off if possible and call the plumber to come in. Once the plumber arrives, they will not only check the leaking area but check surrounding areas to make sure there is no problem to any other structures.

What Can a Plumber Do?

In these situations the plumber will become your best friend. Make sure you have an open line of communication in regards to the water leak or any underlying issues. Your plumber is just like your doctor. Be sure to mention any past issues that you have had with your pipes, previous water leaks, or when the pipes were last replaced. Do not be alarmed if the plumber mentions replacing a section of pipe or a valve. Like most things pipes and valves can wear out with time and need to be replaced.

The Effects of a Leak

If you know that you have a small leak but are worried about the costs of a plumber don’t wait. Small leaks can cause huge problems such as: extensive water damage to ceilings, walls or foundations, or spreading black mold. Both of these issues would cost considerably more to repair than your small leak.

If you happen to have these issues, your plumber can help refer you to companies certified in water damage restoration or the removal of black mold. Again do not attempt to remove these things yourself especially black mold as removing mold without the proper protective gear can cause health issues.

Is there a pesky leak troubling you? Call Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling today at (208) 505-9523 for quick and effective plumbing services in the Boise area.

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