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What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydrojetting everyday pipes is a common job for the best professional plumbers available. Hydrojetting procedures force water streams into pipes reaching forces of nearly 4000 PSI. This is at the highest pressure threshold of most PVC and aged metal pipes. The purpose of hydrojetting is to completely dislodge and remove all obstructions from a sewer line. Sheer pressure is normally adequate to force clogs through any series of pipes, but it is always good to identify the type of clog being removed.

Hydrojetting Grease

Common household drain disposal includes many biologic materials that tend to “cake” in pipes when cooled. Hydrojetting high temperature water through these pipes liquifies and loosens greasy materials that clog pipes. If the grease is lodged deep enough, no amount of drain-side hot water treatment will do the trick. For businesses and households disposing of great amounts of pipe-clogging grease, only professional-grade hot hydrojetting will remove the build-up causing the problems.

Hydrojetting Roots

Sometimes pipes become inundated with the encroachment of roots from trees and shrubs occupying the ground above pipes. Certain stubborn roots can infiltrate piping systems in search of water sources, and choke the normal flow of water. A professional plumbing service will first treat the roots with a copper-based solution that kills and thins the roots blocking a pipe. After the roots have been rendered inactive, standard hydrojetting will flush away the root debris and help to extend the life of pipes.

Hydrojetting Debris

Especially in households where children are present, pipe clogs tend to happen when debris that shouldn’t enter plumbing pipes..does! It’s a rare case where something that fits down a drain or toilet cannot be dislodged using professional hydrojetting equipment. The normal pressure of a draining sink, or a flushing toilet will not always force material through pipes. This is especially true if the material is a plastic toy, the pages of a phone book, or general dirt and soil from a child’s latest adventure. Quick, professional hydrojetting uses the integrity of plumbing pipes in combination with directed high pressure water streams to clear any pipes and return it to normal use.

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