Thermostat Installation & Repair

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Thermostat Installation & Repair

Programmable thermostats are one of the most important devices that a homeowner needs. They are a step up from older thermostats that require users to manually change the temperature.

Instead of setting the temperature in a structure to one static temperature, people who own programmable thermostats can set the temperature to fluctuate widely over the course of the day and night. This gives them a lot more flexibility, and it also helps them to save money by lowering energy costs.

What are the Benefits of Programmable Thermostats?

The greatest benefit that programmable thermostats offer homeowners and business owners is that they greatly reduce the cost of keeping a building climate-controlled. Because they can automatically adjust the temperature at certain times of day, you do not have to waste energy keeping a building heated or cooled when no one is there. You can set a programmable thermostat to come on just in time to have the building at an ideal temperature when the first person arrives in the morning.

The same goes for homeowners when they are asleep on cold winter nights. They can use their programmable thermostats to lower the temperature in their homes while they are sleeping, and then have them come up to the ideal temperature by the time they get up in the morning. Using a programmable thermostat in this manner will save users a bundle on their energy costs, and it will shrink their carbon footprints at the same time.

What are Signs You Need to Replace Your Thermostat?

The most obvious sign that alerts users to problems with their programmable thermostats is when the temperature in their homes never seems to be quite right. Faulty programmable thermostats can struggle to keep the temperature constant. They may keep the heat on too long. They may fail to kick the air conditioner on fast enough on a hot day. If the temperature in your home never seems to be quite the way you like it, then you may well need to repair or replace your programmable thermostat.

Another indication of a problem with your programmable thermostat is when it fails to turn on the heating system or air conditioner at the preset times. If you notice that your heat isn’t on when it should be, then it could be time to call us in to take a look at your programmable thermostat.

What Problems Will Result from Neglecting to Repair or Replace Your Thermostat?

The first and most common problem with using a faulty thermostat is that you and your family will not be comfortable inside your home. Though that is annoying, there are far more serious problems that could occur.

If your programmable thermostat malfunctions during the winter, it could result in your pipes freezing. This could lead to burst pipes that will cause you to have to make time for an extensive plumbing repair job.

A faulty programmable thermostat could cause your home to get very hot while you are at work. If you have pets, this could lead to your pets becoming dehydrated or seriously sick from heatstroke.

If you have problems with your programmable thermostat, get ahold of us at Wickstrom Plumbing Co. We are here whenever you need us to repair or replace your faulty thermostat. Our expert technicians will fix your problem in a flash.

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