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Whether remodeling or managing a sudden catastrophe, your number one priority as a homeowner is probably saving money. You may think this means you should break out the tool box and fix those leaking pipes yourself, but this can end up costing you big bucks in the long run. There are many instances in which a local plumber will save you time and money, but the following three represents times when laymen should lay down their wrenches and pick up the phone.

Finishing a Basement

A finished basement adds value to your home while creating additional living space. Unfortunately, basements are often the first part of the home damaged by poor plumbing. If sewage backs up, the entire basement may need to be remodeled a second time, costing you double your initial investment. If you are finishing your basement, call a Boise plumber who will ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen for resale or livability, there is no better investment in your home. However, it is vital that all plumbing is intact during this remodel. A leaking broken pipe, a poorly installed garbage disposal, or a dishwasher that won’t run can turn your multi-thousand dollar remodeling job into a disaster. A Nampa plumber can often complete simple remodel jobs in an afternoon, giving you time to focus on the more visible aspects of the kitchen.

Broken Pipes in the Winter

Winters in Idaho are no laughing matter. Pipes that have not been properly inspected can easily break, wreaking havoc on your entire home. Rather than trying a quick fix method, call a local plumber to fix or replace your pipes. Professionals can tell the difference between cracked pipes that can be repaired and those that cannot. Better still, don’t wait for pipes to break this winter. Call a professional plumber to inspect your pipes before cold weather hits so you are not faced with an even costlier visit later in the year.

You do not have to handle your plumbing concerns on your own. We can provide you with a Nampa plumber or Boise plumber who will give you the personal care you need and deserve. Contact us today at (208) 505-9352 for a free estimate.

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