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Remodeling your bathroom is wonderful way to update your home and increase the value of your home. However, remodeling your bathroom can also be hazardous because of the electrical and plumbing problems that could occur.

Looks for Signs of Mold

It is important before beginning your bathroom remodeling to first check for signs of mold. Mold can be identified by its black spots and patches of drywall that look wet. Mold will develop behind drywall, so you may have to open it up to check. If you do find mold, call a mold remediation company to take care of this problem before beginning your remodeling project.

Poor drainage is another potential problem. This could mean clogged pipes or water flowing to the wrong place. Your venting system could be another problem area. Test your venting system by turning on the shower and fan and see if your drywall begins to sweat or your mirror fogs us. The next step is to turn off your shower and see if the wetness in the room decreases. If it doesn’t, then your vent is not working as it should.

Check out your Floor’s Joists

In addition, with some bathroom remodeling projects, floor joists can be an issue. A new tile floor will crack if the floor is not stiff enough. Old corroded plumbing is something else that could be problematic. If your bathroom has old corroded cast iron or galvanized drain lines and galvanized water supply lines, they will have to be replaced.

Leaks and Deterioration can Cause Big Problems

Most importantly, tile tub surrounds and tile showers that are not waterproof are two other areas that could show up during a bathroom remodel. If left unattended, this could lead to water vapor moving around inside your wall, which could lead to leaks and deterioration.Plumbing that is not vented properly can cause drains to gurgle or traps to be drained dry and that can lead to drains stopping up. To be clear, many common issues with bathroom remodeling are usually caused by unprofessional workers and too much moisture. One issue to pay close attention to is the framing of the floor.

Another issue that could occur is plumbing fixtures. Before starting your bathroom remodeling, be sure to check your plumbing fixtures. Find out where the plumbing is vented and make sure that it is up to code and working as it should. Many who have updated their bathrooms are glad they did because they were able to take care of small issues and prevent them from becoming much larger and more expensive issues.

To conclude, remodeling your bathroom can be a worthwhile project but before you begin, do some serious checking or ask a plumber for his suggestions.

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