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Water Softener Services in Boise

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Water Softener Services in Boise

What does it mean to call water hard? Hard water refers to water with large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Groundwater gets these metals through the surrounding rock and soil as well as the plumbing system itself. When your home is suffering from hard water you can find that the water is bad tasting and damaging to the various fixtures in your home.

Through the use of a water softener, installed by Wickstrom Plumbing Co., you can make these issues a thing of the past. Our expert plumbers will provide you with industry leading services and attention. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

What Are The Benefits Of Water Softeners?

Water softeners can make a significant difference that can be felt and seen throughout your home. In the bathroom, people find that by using water softeners their hair and skin feel different after bathing. They will feel cleaner, and softer. Hair won’t become as dry and soap scum and mineral deposits will not accumulate around showers, tubs and sinks.

Clothes will be noticeably softer, cleaner, and brighter after going through the wash. Laundry will often last longer. Dishes will clean easier by using water softeners and glasses won’t get that gray film that comes from being etched with mineral filled water.

You may also find that water running appliances around the home have a longer life and run better and smoother. Hot water heaters, dishwashers, and washing machines can wear out up to 30% faster when running with hard water. Let our expert plumbers install a water softener in your home today!

What is a Water Softener and How Does It Work?

Water softeners work because calcium and magnesium ions in the water will switch positions with more ions that are more desired such as sodium. This removes many of the difficulties that are associated with hard water. Sodium, for instance, will not precipitate from pipes or react negatively to soap. The whole exchange does add a bit of sodium to your water, but it is not enough for you to detect a noticeable difference.

The tanks work through the use of negatively charged beads within it. When the water flows past the beads in the tank, the sodium ions replace the magnesium and calcium ions, which have weaker positive charge. After several go rounds of this, the water is free and clear of many of the harmful minerals that create bad tasting and damaging water.

When Would You Need A Water Softener?

Is the water coming from your tap bad tasting? Do you find stains and rings in your bathtubs and toilets? Is your clothing and hair losing its luster? It may be time for a water softener. You can also use a more technical approach and get your water independently tested.

Independent testers use tests to find the level of hardness that your water currently has. Once analyzed they can use this information to better determine your next plan of action. Our technicians can also help you in choosing the best unit for your home. We always work with the best interest of our customers in mind. Call us today and get clean water for your home in no time.

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