Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating Services in Boise

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Radiant Heating Services in Boise

There are many different types of heating systems available for residential and commercial use. Each type of system has its advantages depending on the owner’s heating needs. With electricity costs continuing to rise and the economy still recovering, many property owners are opting for radiant heating. To install or repair your radiant heating system, contact the team at Wickstrom for service in Boise and surrounding areas.

What is Radiant Heating?

Providing heat to indoor and outdoor areas, radiant heating is a technology that utilizes the floor, wall panels, or ceiling of the home to supply heat. This method of heating utilizes heat energy radiated from a single warm element that then warms the room and the objects inside instead of the air. Although the internal temperature may be lower than a room that is conventionally heated, the body comfort and perceived temperature is the same.

Wall heating and underfloor systems are typically known as low-temperature systems. Since the surface area of these systems is much larger, the room requires a lower temperature to achieve the same level of heat transfer. This significantly improves the climate of the room and provides a much healthier humidity.

What are the Benefits of Radiant Heating?

There are numerous benefits of using a radiant heating system:

  • Reduced allergy symptoms

  • Greater energy savings

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Less need for a humidifier

Reduced allergy symptoms

A radiant heating system is one of the best options for those with allergies, as pollen, dust and other irritants are not transferred through the ducts across the entire structure. This also eliminates spreading airborne germs and particles.

Greater energy savings

Improved efficiency results in a lower heating cost. This is due to a lack of lost air in ductwork or through internal building fixtures. Radiant heating does not feature ductwork, nor does it blow hot air, so the cost is only based on powering the heating source.

Improved energy efficiency

Since there are no ducts, there is no loss of air during the transfer from the source to the floor, wall, or ceiling. Air loss is a common issue found in traditional heating methods, which causes a system to become inefficient.

Less need for a humidifier

Since radiant heating does not physically alter the air in each room, moisture content is unaffected. Most room moisture content is generally adequate because the air is not dried out by any form of combustion or an increase in filtration similar to that found in conventional heating methods.

How Much Can You Save From Radiant Heating?

Although the exact amount of money saved from radiant heating cannot be calculated due to a number of changing factors including location, the energy company used, amount of energy used, efficiency, and performance, the amount is usually significant. When adding programmable thermostats to the radiant heat system, additional cost savings is possible by keeping a steady level of heat.

For cost savings alone, radiant heating is the best option currently available on the market. It provides a much cleaner and more comfortable heat at a lower cost.

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