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Boise HVACWhat is a digital setback thermostat?

A digital setback thermostat is a programmable thermostat. The thermostat can be programmed to adjust the temperature and output based on different times of the day. Users can input their preferred temperature for specific times of the day and days of the week.

The heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is then prompted to turn on or off in order to reach the desired temperature. The digital screens allow for easy use and simple temperature monitoring. Digital setback thermostats can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

What are the benefits of a digital setback thermostat?

Digital setback thermostats benefit your wallet and the environment while increasing your level of comfort.

The amount of money that can be saved from digital setback thermostats can be easily seen within the first couple months of use. Digital setback thermostats trigger your heating and air conditioning system to operate only when needed to reach the programmed temperature goals. There is no longer a need to leave your heater running all day simply to have a warm house to come home to.

A properly programmed digital setback thermostat will allow for a decreased utilization of your heater during the day when no one is at home and will quickly heat up your house before your arrival. This greatly decreases your utility bills by eliminating unused resources. Digital setback thermostats also reduce the wear and tear on your appliances from unneeded use, therefore, extending the life of your appliances.

In addition to saving money, use of digital setback thermostats also benefits the environment. Gas and electric usage takes its toll on the environment. Any opportunity to decrease the use of these resources greatly helps maintain the environment.

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In addition to saving money and helping the environment, you get to experience the additional benefit of added comfort. Your location will have the ideal temperature as determined by you. Whether you prefer a constant temperature while home or your ideal temperature changes throughout the day, a digital setback thermostat allows you to program your ideal heating and cooling levels.

How do I get a digital setback thermostat?

Digital setback thermostats can be installed by your local HVAC technician. Proper installation is important to ensure correct use and optimal benefits. Having a digital setback thermostat installed will bring benefits for years to come.

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Benefits of a Thermostat Upgrade


Thermostat InstallationA thermostat is a means of making sure that a room or home is cooled or heated to a temperature the homeowner desires. The right thermostat is often essential if the person’s home or office space is to be heated or cooled effectively. Many types of thermostats are available for purchase. Most people own a standard thermostat. This kind of thermostat can provide basic heating and cooling choices that allow the homeowner to heat or cool their home as necessary.

How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

Newer thermostats are also available. One of the most common is known as a wi-fi thermostat. A wi-fi offers several advantages over that of the standard, traditional thermostat. The wi-fi thermostat works by allowing the user to program it to their exact specifications. The user can do so when standing directly in front of the thermostat or from a cell phone or other device that uses wi-fi technology and allows for internet access.

Can It Save Me Money?
This kind of thermostat thus offers the homeowner several important advantages over traditional thermostats. These advantages can help the homeowner potentially save money on their heating and cooling bills. A wi-fi thermostat allows the user to make very specific changes in their home’s use of heating and cooling energy. For example, if you come home everyday at five in the evening but aren’t home the rest of the day, you can program the thermostat to start heating your home to your desired temperature before you get home. You can also program the heat to remain off when you are not home.

This can help the user save money when they are not home by not having the heat on unnecessarily. The user can also program the thermostat from a remote location. If they are running late, this means they can use their smartphone to make sure the heat isn’t on until much later. The user may later find out that their wife will be home earlier than expected. They can have the wi-fi thermostat turned on a little earlier in order to provide a warm home when she walks in the door.

A wi-fi thermostat can also help users track down how much money they are spending on heating and cooling costs and suggest ways to reduce such costs. This can easily help the buyer pay off the cost of purchasing the thermostat and have lowered energy costs as well.

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