Signs You Need to Repipe Your Home

Repiping: When Do You Need To?

Homeowners may notice several problems with the water that flows from a home’s faucets, this indicates a repiping process is necessary. The water in a home may have a disgusting odor, foul taste or strange discoloration. Some of the additional signs that a home’s water pipes have degraded completely, include:builder repiping your home

• Poor water pressure while using faucets
• Needing frequent repairs to pipes, valves and connectors
• Noticing water stains on drywall, floors or ceilings from small leaks
• A significant increase in monthly utility bills
• Hearing strange noises in the pipes when turning on faucets

Reasons for Water Pipe Problems in a Home

For homeowners who have lived in a home for 25 years or longer, needing a total water pipe replacement is easy to understand, but when a home is newer, you might wonder why the pipes have degraded quickly. There is a good chance that a newer home that is having frequent plumbing problems was built with low-quality materials or workmanship. This leads to constant problems that make daily living difficult. Additional reasons for needing repiping include having water flowing through the pipes that contains a lot of corrosive sediments. It’s also important to remember that we have inclement weather that can damage pipes from freezing or rusting from floods. That is why you should trust your local Boise are plumbers to get the job done right.

We Provide Expert Plumbing Inspections

At Wickstrom Plumbing Co., we have knowledgeable plumbers ready to inspect a home’s connectors, valves and pipes to determine if a whole-house replacement is your best option. We can use a leak detection test to determine if your home’s pipes have tiny drips when all of the valves and faucets are turned off. Numerous tiny leaks from several water pipes in a home can lead to you wasting hundreds of gallons of water each year. This dripping water leads to major damage to your home, including cement foundation cracks or a rotten wooden building frame. The water that seeps from all of the small holes also attracts rodents and insects to a building. A homeowner may notice an unpleasant mildew odor that is caused by mold growth on damp wood, drywall and insulation.

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Must Know Home Owning Tip!

Saving Money With Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

To ensure that your vehicle runs efficiently all year, you bring it to a mechanic for an annual tune-up. Letting this go too long and your vehicle can experience engine failure. The same can be said about the plumbing in your home. Neglecting to have preventative maintenance performed on your plumbing and eventually something is going to break and cause you serious money to repair.

Modern Technology Makes Things Easier

In the past, when you hired your local plumbing company to inspect the system, they had to use visual techniques to diagnose problems. With today’s preventative maintenance technology, the plumbing specialist can see inside the pipes just as easy as they can the outside. Today a plumber can use a pressure testing device to locate any weak spots in the pipes. These weak spots can easily become areas of trouble and lead to a serious plumbing emergency. The plumber also has access to in-line cameras that can travel deep down into the pipes to see if any problems exist. These cameras allow the plumber to be able to maintain the health of the pipes, basically extending their life much longer into the future.

Preparing Your Drains Properly
The kitchen drains especially are subject to all types of food particles that can easily cause a clog and slow down the flow of water down the pipes. The garbage disposal is supposed to turn the food into liquid, and when it is not working properly it send larger pieces of food into the drain. Your local plumbing professional will clear the lines with organic cleaning solutions so that any contaminants virtually slide right down the drain. This will ensure that no back ups will occur in the sinks, and help to keep the integrity of the pipe. Using store bough drain cleaners will eventually wear down the strength of the pipes, causing bigger problems in the near future.

How Does Preventative Maintenance Save Money?

Regardless what the cost for a years worth of preventative maintenance, it is a fraction of what the cost to fix a plumbing emergency. One broken hot water pipe and in addition to paying for the plumbers time, you may need to replace carpet, furniture, and even sheet rock in the walls. Damage from plumbing emergencies can easily run in the thousands of dollars. Having the system inspected and treated annually will save you money every year.

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