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Boise is no stranger to dust, and this dust invariably ends up in the house. Dust is comprised of human and animal hairs, human cells, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and other particles. The problem with dust is that many people are allergic to the particles in it, which makes them directly sick, and decreases the strength of the immune system. Dust has a major impact on health. In addition, it attracts dust mites. Preventative air duct cleaning will rid your home of the dust and dust mites, leaving you with fresh & clean air in your home.

The Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air pollution as the fourth greatest threat to Americans. Dust can flare up asthma, cause rashes and create cold-like symptoms. The body reacts to dust because it is an allergen. The immune system recognizes allergens as foreign bodies and seeks out to eradicate them. The result is an immune system that is weakened, a body that is more prone to other illnesses and general malaise from fighting off these allergens.

There are two things in the home that cause the most amount of dust in the air within the home. Dust will initially float through the air and eventually get trapped in carpet fibers. The carpet harbors a lot of dust. Dust mites are found in concentrated amounts in the carpet and mattresses. When people walk across the carpet, dust will kick up into the air. The other places dust likes to collect is in air ducts. Since air ducts can cause dust to float throughout the air, it’s vital to perform an air duct cleaning once every couple of years.

Along with dust, air ducts may have tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold, carbon monoxide and chemicals in them. Clean air ducts reduces the amount of dust and other allergens in the home. It reduces the amount of time needed for dusting in the home, and it will help everyone in the home to maintain strong immune systems.

Apart from improving the home’s indoor air quality, removing dust from air ducts can increase your heating and cooling system by as much as 50 percent. Expect to see huge savings in heating and cooling costs once you have had your air ducts cleaned and reduced the amount of dust within your home. In addition, you can extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Reap the benefits of having a full breath of fresh air. Your body needs it.

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