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The air ducts in your home consist of a complex system of tubes that go throughout the home carrying heated or cooled air. When these air ducts need to be cleaned, not only is dirty air circulated throughout the home, but other issues can quickly arise also. Listed below are five common signs that your air ducts need cleaning.

Mold Growth Within The Air Ducts

Mold growth within the air ducts is a very important sign that your air ducts need a thorough cleaning. When mold starts growing within the air ducts, it can quickly cause health related problems for members of the household.

If the mold growth is not only within the air ducts, but also in other parts of the heating or cooling system a professional should be employed to ensure the issue is quickly resolved.

Supply Ducts Blow Debris

If any of the supply ducts located within the home start blowing debris that is visible such as dirt or dust, the air ducts throughout the home are in need of a thorough cleaning.

Air Ducts Show Signs Of Infestations

The air ducts of a home can show different signs of infestations such as a rodent infestation or an insect infestation. Either type of infestation is not a good sign, and is a sure sign that the air ducts need immediate cleaning attention. When air ducts become infested with rodents or insects, contaminated air is circulated throughout the home until the infestation issue is resolved.

Air Ducts Become Clogged

If air ducts go long enough without a thorough cleaning they can in fact become clogged with excess dirt and debris. Clogged air ducts can cause an air conditioning unit to have to work harder to produce cool air throughout the home and result in a higher monthly energy bill.

Unusual Allergic Reactions Begin Occurring

If any of the residents of the home start experiencing any unusual allergic reactions that affect breathing inside the home, this can be a sign that the home’s air ducts need cleaning. Pollutants can get into the air ducts and circulate through the home causing an allergic reaction in some individuals.

Keeping your home’s air ducts clean is an important part of maintaining your heating and cooling system. Dirty air ducts can not only cause occupants of the home to be uncomfortable from breathing dirty air, but they can also cause the heating and cooling unit to have to work overtime.

These are just five signs that your air ducts need cleaning.

Are your Boise air ducts making your home smelly, stuffy, & dusty? Call Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling. at (208) 505-9352 for duct cleaning!

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