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It is important to keep your home’s furnace in working order and to call for furnace repair services whenever needed. Lack of maintenance would create an environment where one’s furnace can experience a number of maladies. These could be all or any of the following.

The noisy furnace

A loud banging noise from your furnace could mean a number of different issues. these could include a very loose belt, a problem with the ignition system, or the replacement of a component that close to failing.

The thermostat requires a major notch up to produce heat.

If one finds their home cold on a regular basis the thermostat may be faulty culprit as well as possible leaking ducts. Another issue could be a problem with one’s pilot light.

Sky high electric bills

High electric bills often is a sign of inefficient performance.

The pilot light is yellow

This is a sign that the gas combination of one’s furnace is not in the best condition. Yellow can be a sign of bad gases such as Carbon Monoxide.

Its difficult to start the furnace and keep it going

A furnace repair may be needed to replace a thermostat, fix faulty wiring, or repair a pilot light, or a fan motor.

The air quality in one’s home is affecting the health of the family

If one’s family has experienced various breathing related issues such as asthma or other allergies a poorly operating gas furnace or electric furnace may be the culprit.

Cold spots exists in pockets within your house

Ice inside the home is never a good sign and requires immediate repair.

Condensation is seen inside of the house

Evidence of condensation inside of the house is a sign that the furnace is operating inefficiently. A repair visit should fix the problem but if that is not successful a new furnace may be needed.

One’s furnace is past ten years old

If one’s furnace is over ten years old it may be cheaper to purchase a new one and save costs on repairs over the course of the several years following the ten-year anniversary of the furnace.

Lack of maintenance visits to one’s furnace

The normal age for a furnace is about 10 to 15 years based on use and periodic maintenance. If one’s furnace requires frequent furnace repair in a few year period it may be time to purchase a new furnace.

Looking to hire professional HVAC technicians for your Boise home’s furnace repair? Call our furnace repair at (208) 505-9352 for our quick and efficient gas furnace repair, electric furnace repair, and oil furnace repair.
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