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Why is it Important to Change my Filters on a Timely Basis?

The frequency of Air Filter Replacements is best determined by a heating and cooling professional. Heating and cooling units differ in size and output.

A licensed heating and cooling expert can assist with determining how often filters should be changed based on the specification of your unit. This is based on the size of the home vs. the size of the heating and cooling unit. Some homes have dual systems due to the home’s custom built size.

It is important to change your filters on a timely basis to avoid reducing the heating and cooling unit’s operating efficiency. The unit has to work harder to provide heating and cooling when the filter becomes clogged with dust particles. This is often the cause of damage to the unit that may require costly repairs.

Climate Affects Timely Change of Filter

The other factor of importance in the frequency of changing filters is use. Heating units in some certain climates get more use due to early colder temperatures. The reverse is true in high heat climates where cooling units are used sooner and more often. The other issue is the type of filter the unit requires. Today’s filters are manufactured for longer wear, efficiency and durability. HEPA filters are todays most popular. HEPA filters provide more protection from airborne allergens. This results in higher levels of indoor air quality. Filters are sold in a wide range of sizes that meet heating and cooling unit standards.

How Often Should it be Replaced?

When all of the specifications of the unit, the size of the home or commercial building and the volume of use are considered, filters should be replaced when they appear to be coated with dust particles. The volume of dust depends on how well maintained air ducts are.

Filters need to be replaced more often when air ducts have not been properly and regularly cleaned. When air ducts are maintained, filters are changed less often, depending on the type of filter fabric. It’s best to consult with a heating and cooling professional on the best type of filter fabric for your particular unit.

Change Your Filters or Replace Them?

Air quality within a home or commercial building emits a dusty odor or increases allergens in air streams. This is a sign your filter needs to be changed or replaced.

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