Professional Heating Services in Boise

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Professional Heating Services in Boise

Need immediate furnace or heater repair? Need to replace your current heating unit? You’re in the right place! Contact your Wickstrom technicians for professional service in Boise and surrounding areas.

How Often Should You Maintain Your Heater or Furnace?

We recommend having your heating systems inspected at least once a year; this will allow you to be alerted to any developing problems.

Yearly furnace maintenance is usually performed in the autumn before cold temperatures set in. We make it easy to schedule your next furnace or heater maintenance.

Our professional HVAC inspections involve changing the air filters, vacuuming debris, and lubricating mechanisms.

We will also check the ductwork and ventilation systems to verify that there are no blockages preventing poisonous gases from leaving the property.

How Long Do Furnaces and Heaters Typically Last?

Heaters and furnaces have different life spans depending on brand and yearly use. Because we have long and cold winters in Idaho, heating devices tend to require replacement more often than many other areas.

Quality furnaces will last for up to 20 years with routine maintenance and yearly cleaning.

Many older homes in the area have electric baseboard heating systems that are often expensive to operate each month, but last as long as 30 years. Heat pumps are an excellent way to save money on heating bills with the equipment lasting an average of 15 years.

Does Your Heat Pump Need Repair or Replacement?

Because of the increasing price of fuel, many homeowners and property managers want to install heat pumps near their buildings. This device gathers heat from the ground or air before distributing the warmth inside your property.

Just like a traditional electric, oil, or natural gas furnace, heat pumps require routine maintenance and checkups to make sure it is operating properly. Working on a heat pump requires specialized knowledge from a licensed technician who will know how to service, clean, and repair a range of heat pump models.

While a heat pump may seem expensive to purchase and install, the equipment offers long-term savings on monthly utility bills.

Looking to Save More on Your Heating Bill?

Customers frequently ask us how they can reduce their heating bills while remaining comfortable throughout the winter.

Early autumn is a good time to begin winterizing your property to save money on heating costs. We advise customers to insulate attics and walls to keep the building warmer.

Old-fashioned single pane windows should be replaced with multiple pane glass to stop drafts during winter storms that are common in Idaho. Adhesive roll caulking is easy to place around doorways and window frames to prevent loss of climate controlled air.

We also vacuum your vents and ductwork to help heated air circulate more efficiently.

In addition, changing your furnace or heater’s air filter at least once a month will help reduce heating costs.

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