How to save money on Air Conditioning

How to save money on Air Conditioning

If you are looking for great ways to lower your cooling costs all summer long, you are not alone. While there is much to love about summer, high energy bills from running your Boise Idaho HVAC system can put a damper on your spirits this season. By following a tips, you can keep your energy bill lower with the best HVAC in Boise.

Add Natural Shade Around Your Home

Even the best HVAC in Boise will generate high energy bills if you need to run it regularly. Natural shade from tree branches and tall bushes can block sunlight and can help you to naturally keep your home cooler. For the best results, add bushes and trees in locations that will block sunlight from hitting windows on the east and west sides of the home that receive direct sunlight.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed
During the summer months, many people will open windows and doors to generate a breeze throughout the home. This is particularly common during the early morning and later evening hours. In addition, kids may leave a door open when running out to play. These things can let a lot of cool air out of the home. Even the best HVAC in Boise will need to kick into high gear to compensate for the cool air that escapes out of the home.

Plan for Cooler Meals
When looking for a great way to keep your home cooler, consider planning meals where you grill outdoors or where you do not have to cook at all. A Boise Idaho HVAC system will have to work harder when you use the range and stove. These appliances generate a lot of heat, and the best HVAC in Boise will turn on more frequently than usually while cooking hot meals.

Turn Your Ceiling Fans On
The best HVAC in Boise works most efficiently when all of the interior doors in the home are open and when the ceiling fans are on. Open doors allow your Boise Idaho HVAC to circulate air more easily, and ceiling fans also promote circulation. These can have a dramatic impact on cooling costs because they help your Boise Idaho HVAC system to work more efficiently.

Keeping your home cool with the best HVAC in Boise is a top priority. However, you do not want to pay a fortune to run your Boise Idaho HVAC. These tips can help you to keep your home cool and lower the cost of using your Boise Idaho HVAC.

8 Things to consider before hiring a plumber

8 Things to consider before hiring a plumber

When you need to call a Boise Idaho plumber to your home, you understandably want to make a thoughtful, informed decision. You may need your plumbing features repaired quickly, but you also want to ensure that the work is done right the first time. Consider paying attention to these points if you want to look for the best plumber in Boise. A Licensed Professional One of the first things you should ask about is a license when looking for the best plumber in Boise. You can inquire about the license number and expiration date. If you want to go a step further, you can verify with the licensing agency that the license is active and in good status.

Smiling technician repairing an hot-water heater

The Plumber’s Experience Experience matters when you are searching for the best plumber in Boise. Some plumbers who have only recently gotten a license may not have all of the experience needed to know how to get things done right and how to do them in an expedited time frame. Inquire how long the Boise Idaho plumber has been working in the field before making a final decision. Insurance Another important factor to consider is insurance when searching for the best plumber in Boise. The company should carry both liability and worker’s compensation insurance for employees. Ask about the coverage status and type of coverage they have before hiring a Boise Idaho plumber.

The Cost of Services During the initial phone call, ask the Boise Idaho plumber if they provide free estimates or if they will charge you to just to visit your home. Then, inquire about hourly labor costs. This initial phone comparison will give you a better idea about which may be most affordable to work with. A Warranty on Work The last thing you may want is to spend time and money getting a repair project completed only to find out that the work was not done right the first time. A professional who will offer a warranty on work and will stand behind the quality of work he or she completes is likely the best plumber in Boise. The Ability to Respond Quickly Some plumbing issues are urgent, but even non-urgent plumbing problems can be bothersome. When you make the initial phone call to a Boise Idaho plumber, ask how long it will take them to respond and if they think they can fix the problem with an initial visit to your home. Arriving Ready to Do the Work If a plumber keeps standard parts in stock and will have everything needed to get the job done on the spot, you may have found the best plumber in Boise. Waiting for parts to be ordered may be required in some cases, but the best plumbers will keep a supply of commonly needed parts in their truck or van.

A List of Referrals It is acceptable and even recommended to ask for a list of referrals from your plumbing company. A good plumber will keep a list of satisfied customers and even testimonials or thank you letters on hand to provide to new customers upon request. By asking a few simple questions when you make your initial phone call, you can easily find the best plumber in Boise. Keep these points in mind when looking for a Boise Idaho plumber to hire.oh thanks man publishes form it just to

Stuffy Air Ducts Blow. Blow Dust, That Is!

5 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

Boise Air QualityThe air ducts in your home consist of a complex system of tubes that go throughout the home carrying heated or cooled air. When these air ducts need to be cleaned, not only is dirty air circulated throughout the home, but other issues can quickly arise also. Listed below are five common signs that your air ducts need cleaning.

Mold Growth Within The Air Ducts

Mold growth within the air ducts is a very important sign that your air ducts need a thorough cleaning. When mold starts growing within the air ducts, it can quickly cause health related problems for members of the household.

If the mold growth is not only within the air ducts, but also in other parts of the heating or cooling system a professional should be employed to ensure the issue is quickly resolved.

Supply Ducts Blow Debris

If any of the supply ducts located within the home start blowing debris that is visible such as dirt or dust, the air ducts throughout the home are in need of a thorough cleaning.

Air Ducts Show Signs Of Infestations

The air ducts of a home can show different signs of infestations such as a rodent infestation or an insect infestation. Either type of infestation is not a good sign, and is a sure sign that the air ducts need immediate cleaning attention. When air ducts become infested with rodents or insects, contaminated air is circulated throughout the home until the infestation issue is resolved.

Air Ducts Become Clogged

If air ducts go long enough without a thorough cleaning they can in fact become clogged with excess dirt and debris. Clogged air ducts can cause an air conditioning unit to have to work harder to produce cool air throughout the home and result in a higher monthly energy bill.

Unusual Allergic Reactions Begin OccurringBoise Duct Cleaning

If any of the residents of the home start experiencing any unusual allergic reactions that affect breathing inside the home, this can be a sign that the home’s air ducts need cleaning. Pollutants can get into the air ducts and circulate through the home causing an allergic reaction in some individuals.

Keeping your home’s air ducts clean is an important part of maintaining your heating and cooling system. Dirty air ducts can not only cause occupants of the home to be uncomfortable from breathing dirty air, but they can also cause the heating and cooling unit to have to work overtime.

These are just five signs that your air ducts need cleaning.

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The Truth Behind Plumbing Myths

Five Plumbing Myths Debunked

Boise PlumberWhen your toilet or sink aren’t working calling a plumber is your next plan of action.There are some old wives tales out there can can cause or make a plumbing issue worse. Some of these may be new to you or perhaps some of these are ones that you have encountered yourself.

Lemons Will Make your Garbage Disposal Smell Fresh and Clean:

Lemons contain citric acid that can corrode the metal inside your garbage disposal. Oranges can cause the same type of damage to your machine.

Dishwashing Liquid is the Same as Dishwasher Detergent:

Using dishwashing liquid in your dishwasher can do damage. It can cause your dishwasher to fill up with sudsy soap all through it, as well as break glass in the process.

Use Soap and Water to Clean Your Bathroom Fixtures:

Soap and water are great for cleaning your hands and body, but they do not have the same effect on your bathroom fixtures. They can actually corrode and cause peeling of the metal on your fixtures.

As Long as Your Drain is Flowing Everything is Fine:

Your drain can be clogged and water can still be flowing, for the time being. When pasta or rice get stuck, they can take a little time to swell and then cause blockage later on.Boise Plumbing Myths

There are so many things I can just fix myself. Why should I ever call a plumber:

This is a very common myth that can lead to many more issues while you are trying to “fix” something yourself. Plumbers are paid contractors that are skilled and qualified. As with many jobs, there are union and non-union positions. Pay rates can vary according to region in which you live and much more.Plumbers are masters of physical science, as well as highly skilled with their hands.

There are many tools of the trade that most non plumbers just don’t have or even have knowledge of. Plumbers have to have a very well organized plan, be patient and pay close attention to detail. When you have a plumbing fiasco, be sure to contact your local plumber. He knows exactly how to fix your problem.

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Are You Ready for Summer?

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Boise CoolingThe dog days of summer are just around the corner, and if your home isn’t properly prepared, you could be in for some long, stifling hot days. To make sure you’re comfortable in your house during the hottest days of the year, check out our 10 easy tips for preparing your home for the heat:

Change Filters

Fresh filters in your heating/cooling system are essential for high performance temperature control. Make sure you change the filters at least once a month.

Update Insulation

Having new insulation will help keep cool air inside your house, and the hot air outside. You can choose to fully replace existing insulation, or simply add another layer of fresh insulation over the layer already in place.


Ventilation is key in the summer to avoiding boiler-like temperatures in your home. Make sure you have adequate-sized vents in your home, to promote sufficient airflow. This is especially important if you have an attic, where temperatures can quickly soar above 100 degrees on a hot summer day.

Ceiling Fans

If you don’t already have one, consider installing a ceiling fan in the most-visited rooms of your house. On days that aren’t quite as hot, a ceiling fan may do enough on its own to keep you cool, while on hot days, a ceiling fan will dramatically decrease use of your air conditioner.

Clean your AC

Turn your AC off, and give it a thorough cleaning for maximum performance. Clean the filters on the inside, and make sure all dirt and debris is cleared from the outside of the unit as well.

Open Windows

On cooler summer days with a nice breeze, open your windows to let the outside air cool your house. Don’t run AC with the windows open, however.

Close Blinds

Make sure your blinds and shades are drawn during the hottest parts of the day. Keeping the sun out of your house will keep temperatures down.

Keep Electronics Away from AC Thermostat

Make sure nothing that is giving off heat is running nearby your AC thermostat. This may cause the AC to run more than necessary and drive up electricity costs.Boise Air Conditioning

Leave Doors Closed As Often As Possible

Make sure you don’t make lots of unnecessary trips in and out of the house. Each time you open the door, hot air and humidity enters your home.

Don’t let cooling costs suck the fun out of summer. Call Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at (208) 466-9447 for greener HVAC services in the Boise area!


Brands We Know and Recommend

Top 10 Plumbing Fixture Brands

Boise PlumberWhen looking to get the top plumbing fixtures on the market, you will need to look into the top brands that sell these items. You will want to look into the top brands because this will ensure you that you will be able to get the fines quality plumbing fixtures available. Fortunately there are a number of plumbing fixtures that are available from many different manufacturers.

This will enable you the consumer to find a fixture that will best meet your needs. Among the top brands recommended by plumber include, Kohler, Brizo, Delta and Kingston Brass. These brands are among the best around and will ensure that you get a high quality fixture that will last.


One of the top plumbing fixture brands recommended by plumber is Kingston Brass. This company offers a wide range of fixtures that include faucets and accessories. Purchasing items from this brand is recommended by plumbers because they combine durability, efficiency and affordability. Another brand recommended is Brizo which offers faucets, shower heads and accessories.

Like Kingston Brass, the Brizo brand offers durability, solid construction, and a very nice looking exterior design. Using this brand will enable you to get fixtures that are both stylish and long lasting. Another top plumbing fixture brand that is recommended is Delta.

This is one of the most common brands of pluming fixtures and offers consumers a high quality design, ease of use and also one that is durable and affordable as well. Grohe is also a top brand that specializes in sinks, faucets and accessories.

This brand is ranked among the best due to solid construction, quality designs and also a good selection of items available. When it comes to the top plumbing fixture brands around, the one that plumber recommend the most is Kohler. This brand contains a wide selection of plumbing fixtures that are very well designed, durable, affordable and also easy to use.


Boise FixturesThe other top brands that plumber recommend are Elements of Design, Whitehaus, Lasco, Pfister and Duravit. With these other brands you will enjoy the same features as the other five brands.

With features such as a solid construction, modern high quality designs, a wide selection of items as well as fixtures that are reasonably priced, plumbers will often recommend these brands for you to purchase when looking to get the finest plumbing fixtures available.

If you’re in need of plumbing fixtures in your Boise home, these are the recommended best! Call Wickstrom Plumbing Company at (208) 466-9447 for installation.

Indoor Air Pollution 101

How to Identify and Prevent Indoor Air Pollution

Boise Air ConditioningAccording to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the air quality within a building can be worse than the outside air. Research shows that most people spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors. Therefore, indoor air quality is critical for health and well-being.

What causes indoor air pollution?

Indoor air pollution is caused from a variety of sources. A primary source is deteriorated building materials, such as insulation with asbestos, damp carpet and pressurized wood products (that contain chemicals).

Moist conditions and poorly maintained air conditioners result in increased mold, mites and bacteria. Hobby items, toiletries and personal care and household cleaning products are also sources.

These organic vapors come in the form of paint cleaners, hair spray and pesticides. The HVAC or ventilation system, if outdated and poorly maintained, is also a source. Certain building materials or products will continually emit pollutants while others, such as a malfunctioning gas stove, will only emit intermittently. Regardless of the source, pollutants can remain in the air for long periods of time.

How can homeowners identify indoor air pollution?

The easiest way to identify indoor air pollution look for internal sources. Make a list of potential sources and see what you can do to reduce or contain them. Be aware of your lifestyle and think about which of your activities could be contributing to air quality.

Pay attention to your health and consult with your doctor if you have any sudden, unexplained physical symptoms. Finally, check the ventilation system to ensure it’s working properly. Confirm if the air is stuffy or smelly and if there is moisture condensation on walls or windows. Make sure there is no mold growing around windows or in moist places.

What are the best ways to prevent indoor air pollution?

The best way to prevent indoor air pollution is through improving the ventilation system. Make sure you are following the maintenance schedule and install high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

Consult with a professional to ensure that the system is properly working. Be sure to use fans in areas that need it, such as the kitchen or a hobby room.Boise Air Quality

Reduce exposure to combustion products through installing outside hoods for gas stoves, inspecting furnaces and water heaters and eliminating smoking inside the home. Avoid warming up the car in the garage.

Finally, consider getting a comprehensive air quality test performed in the home.

In conclusion, quality indoor air is essential for health and well-being. Educate yourself on what causes indoor air pollution and how to identify it.

Be proactive and take the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the pollution sources. Doing so is good for both your house and yourself.

Make sure you’re breathing in the fresh air in your Boise home. Call Wickstrom Plumbing Heating and Cooling at (208) 466-9447, and get the experts to solve the problem.

It’s Time to Go Green

We Can Help You Reduce Your Water Use!

Boise PlumberRepairing or replacing your home’s plumbing system can be costly and time-intensive. It also inconveniences the entire family until the system is up and running again.

Plumbing that is not working correctly may continue to function for a while, but it could increase your water bill and eventually break down altogether. Here are a few tips for efficient plumbing use and care.

Turn off the faucet completely.

Avoid letting any of the household faucets drip water. No matter how slow the drip, over time it can wear out the fixture and lead to problems. If you pay for city water, your bill will probably be higher as well. Train the kids to turn off the faucets when they’re done using them, too.

Wash large laundry loads.

Instead of washing clothes frequently, wait until you have a regular size load to use the washer and dryer. This will help to reduce the amount of water used, as well as the wear and tear on your plumbing system from constant usage for everyday laundry.

Use dishwasher when full.

The same principle should be applied to dishwashers. Wait until they are full rather than running them with small loads of dirty dishes. Some people wash a few dishes by hand and use the dishwasher for bigger meals with more dishes and cooking pans to wash.

Don’t waste water.

When using an outdoor hose to wash the car or for the kids to play with, don’t leave it running unused any longer than necessary. Pumping countless gallons of water through the plumbing for non-essential use just adds more strain to the plumbing system over time. Turn the hose off and on as needed rather than letting it flow continuously.Boise Water Conservation

Check for leaks.

Once or twice a year check your home’s plumbing system for any signs of leaking. Drips, spots in the wall or floor, a musty or mildewed smell, and signs of mold may indicate the presence of a leak.

If in doubt, contact a professional plumber to check it out for you. If you find leaky pipes, have them fixed immediately before the problem leads to more damage and a more expensive repair bill.

With minimal effort you can keep your plumbing system in good condition for years to come. Keep an eye on household use and check for problems occasionally, and it should continue to work efficiently.

Interested in going green? Call Wickstrom Service Co. at (208) 466-9447 to make your Boise home more energy efficient.

Allergy Season is Here!

3 Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home This Spring


Boise Air Allergies can be a real nuisance if you are affected by them. Many people are so bothered by them they dread the start of the spring where they start being affected by them. Allergies can simulate colds and other illnesses, cloud your mind, and limit your productivity. Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary and avoiding the ill effects of allergies starts in your home. This article will discuss three ways to allergy proof your home this spring.

Tip 1 – Air Filters

Make sure you have air filters installed in your home in order to reduce the number of particles that circulate through your home. Not all filters are equal and the best allow for the circulation of outside air with indoor air.

Air filters should be replaced every two months and be sure to contact your HVAC specialist to ask them for the best air filters for your home. Generally, they will recommend HEPA filters that are highly efficient and have higher MERV factors associated with them (17 to 20 MERV level), though an HVAC specialist can point out the best air filter to clean your home and remove troublesome allergens.

Boise Air QualityTip 2 – Have Your HVAC System Inspected

Your HVAC system should be inspected in order to make sure that it is operating effectively. Further, you should have maintenance performed on your system regularly as well as a well functioning system can decrease the pollutants in your air and provide you with better air quality to reduce the chance of allergens impacting the health of you and your family members.

If you are suspicious that mold is in your system, point it out to your HVAC provider and he may want to clean out your air ducts to reduce the risk of mold colonies building up inside of them.

Tip 3 – Have Your Plumbing System Inspected

Your plumbing system and allergies may not seem linked. But common allergies include mold and having a leaky plumbing system can lead to mold build up in your home. Have your plumbing system inspected for leaks and reduce the possibility of mold in your home, thereby avoiding allergies.

Allergies can be painful and just downright irritating when you are affected by them. By implementing these allergy proof methods in your home you can greatly reduce the harmful side effects of allergies and can keep your health at optimal levels this spring.

Constantly sneezing in your Boise home? Call Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling at (208) 466-9447 today, and breathe in the fresh air.

Drain Cleaning: Just Don’t Do It!

Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Boise Drain CleaningLiquid drain cleaning solutions are a convenient and inexpensive solution for many people with a clogged or slow drain. Chemical drain cleaners are easily found and cheap when compared to a visit from the plumber. However, these products can end up costing a lot more in the long run, and can be hazardous to people and pipes.

Liquid drain cleaners are acidic chemicals best used to eat away at clogs like grease and hair. These products are readily available at most discount stores. The chemicals dissolve clogs close to the drain opening surface, but can also eat away at other things, including pipes.

Are drain cleaners dangerous?

Drain cleaners can cause burns to the skin if not handled correctly, and even a little backsplash from pouring the chemicals down the drain can cause damage. Skin and eyes should be washed immediately upon contact (or follow instructions on the packaging).

Serious burns can result if drain cleaners are left on the skin.

If ingested, drain cleaner can be fatal. Keep these and other hazardous products away from children and pets.

Do liquid drain cleaning solutions damage pipes?

Many items can be damaged by liquid drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are caustic chemicals formulated to dissolve clogs, like hair, meaning they can eat away at other things as well. Liquid drain cleaner can damage wood, fiberglass, paint, fabrics and pipes.

Boise Plumber
Liquid drain cleaners are especially dangerous to your pipes. These cleaners dissolve clogs, and a whole lot more. Old plumbing is most at risk, and metal pipes erode quickly from drain cleaner use. The more a drain cleaner is used, the worse things become. If your pipes are already damaged, the cleaner can eat a hole in the pipe.A common clog can turn into a plumbing nightmare.

While liquid drain cleaners are tempting to purchase and use, it is safer to call a plumber. Why risk damage to your pipes and your health? Don’t make a costly mistake. If you have a clogged drain or sink, contact a professional to take care of it, or risk costly repairs in the future.

Do you have a clog in your Boise home? Don’t resort to ineffective toxins, call the experts of Wickstrom Plumbing at (208) 466-9447!