Why Is My Faucet Dripping?

Plumber Advice: Repairing Leaky Faucets

Plumber Advice - Faucet RepairFaucets play an important role in your home, and as professional plumbers we know what it takes to keet in good working order. Whenever they start dripping, you may start to wonder why. There are actually several reasons for a leaking faucet, including:

1. Problems with the O ring, which is a small disc that’s attached to the stem screw that holds your faucet’s handle in place. This will become loose or worn out with regular usage causing your faucet to leak near the handle.
2. A corroded valve seat occurs whenever water sediment accumulates there. This valve seat connects the faucet with the spout and so the leakage occurs around the spout.
3. A washer that’s either worn out, improperly installed or the wrong size will cause your faucet to drip. This is quite common because washers are forced against the valve seat, causing both friction and resistance, each time a faucet is turned on.
4. Loose parts (i.e. adjusting ring, packing nuts) within the steam screw may become loose and leak. This will cause your faucet to leak from its handle.
5. A worn out inlet or outlet seal can have sediment accumulate around inside of them and thus become worn out causing your faucet to drip.
6. Broken plumbing may occasionally be due to a broken pipe or broken fittings. This is because whenever your pipes develop cracks this will interfere with your water pressure leading your faucet to occasionally drip.

With so many different things that could lead to a leaking faucet, it’s hard to know for sure what the real issue is. This is why it’s a good idea to have a professional plumber take a look at your leaking faucet and give you their opinion. Only then will you know for sure what the real cause of your leaking faucet is.

Do you need a professional plumber to repair your faucet? Call Wickstrom Plumbing, Heating, Cooling today at (208) 466-9447 for immediate solutions!

Heating Repair Tips

Heating Repair – Avoid Costs w/ These Tips

heating repair tips - wrench guysheating repair plan is crucial to maintaining a warm and cozy home throughout the winter months, as well as cool and calm all through the summer. The extreme variations of temperatures during these two seasons can cause your heating and cooling equipment to function improperly. However, a professional heating maintenance plan will save you money. Repairs and replacements can be costly — maintaining your unit will help prevent these added costs from occurring.

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Do You Need a New Way To Heat Water?

What are the Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater?

Boise Tankless Water HeaterDid you know that hot water heater is one of the highest energy using appliances in a home? Generally, 20 percent of a home’s energy use comes from heating water for washing dishes, laundry, cooking, and bathing. Annually, this can add up to several hundred dollars to operate a conventional water heater. These “tank” water heaters waste a lot of energy keeping the water hot when you are not using it, wasting a lot of money. Fortunately, there is a better option – tankless water heaters.

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When Do I Need to Replace My Sink?

Should I Replace My Sink or Use a Plumbing Service Company?

Ready for a new faucet or sink installed? Wondering whether to hire a plumbing services company or do it yourself? There are several things you need to know when considering a new faucet or sink installation.

Here are signs it’s time to replace your faucet or sink:

. The finish is worn
. Handles are faded or cracked
. Replacement parts are difficult to find
. Aerator threads are worn or corroded
. Replacement parts no longer solve the problem

A damaged or deteriorating sink or faucet can be inconvenient, and even unsightly. A new faucet or sink instantly updates and refreshes the look of your home in kuna. Here’s what you need to know before you start a faucet or sink replacement.

On the surface, installing a new faucet or sink seems like a simple, straightforward project. Plumbing experts tell us, however, that major problems can occur that make the task harder and more expensive.

An example of a problem that can arise is rust. Older faucet or sink is more likely to be rusted in place, which requires professional assistance. The toughest part of replacing a faucet or sink is removing the old one. Other problems always occur poor access to fittings and difficult-to-reach nuts.

The cost of hiring a plumber may motivate you to consider doing the replacement yourself. If you have the skills to make it worthwhile, you may do the work yourself. Keep in mind, though, that a professional plumber has special training and great expertise in resolving plumbing issues.

There are many companies in kuna that provide plumbing service. It is advisable to work with a trusted plumbing services company to plan your install project and select the right faucet or sink for your home and budget.

An installation company in kuna that has a team of screened professionals will provide you with quality service and a worry-free experience. No matter how difficult or complicated the problem is, qualified plumbers offer the services to meet them. Wickstrom Service Co. will provide fast, professional plumbing services to their customers. You can expect them to be on-time, courteous and handle your property with utmost respect.

When hiring for plumbing services, whether in kuna or any other place, consider those who have a good reputation and numerous positive reviews on a reliable consumer website, and be sure they are properly licensed, insured and bonded.

Once you have hired a trusted plumber, you can rest assured that the project will be completed swiftly.

What to Do If Your House is Flooding

What to Do If Your House is Flooding

When it comes to flooding in your home, you will never be fully prepared for this unforeseen disaster. There are some important steps to know to keep your family and possessions as safe as possible. Many ways that water can enter the home is from broken pipes, melting snow, clogged sewers, heavy storms and so on. At Wickstrom Plumbing, our number one goal is to provide honest and professional plumbing services to residential and commercial customers.

flooded basement emergency services

Eight Easy Steps For Handling a Flood

If your home has flooded, there is no need to panic. Before you handle the situation, you need to determine if you should call an emergency plumber or not. If it’s just a minor flood, follow these easy steps; but if it’s a major flood, please call us. Our phones are open 24/7 for situations like these.

Step One:

Once that flood occurs, you will want to remove all the water as quick as possible. Many people have a sump pump ready on hand to remove the water, especially if you have a home with a basement. The removal of the water will minimize the damage.

Step Two:

Contact your insurance agent to file a claim. If your insurance will cover your damages, they will have an adjuster get in touch with you to discuss the damages.

Step Three:

If there is contaminated mud on the floors, shovel out as much as possible. A garden hose can be used to spray it off of hard surfaces.

Step Four:

You will want to disinfect and scrub clean hard surfaces with a heavy duty cleaner. Then you will want to take 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of water to use to clean all of the germs from the flooding.

Step Five:

Throw away all damaged items that can not be saved such as mattresses and furniture. Anything that can be washed can be washed in hot water and dryed with hot heat.

Step Six:

Inspect your electrical system and heating and cooling systems. We can refer a plenty of great electricians.

Step Seven:

If the carpeting, vinyl or wood floors are damaged, those will have to be removed and replaced.

Step Eight:

If you have a private sewer system it can be very hazardous for homeowners. Your drinking water can become contaminated. There could be high amounts of viruses and bacteria present in the home.

If you aren’t comfortable handling your home flooding, let Wickstrom Plumbing help out. Our emergency plumbing services are available 24/7 to assist you with your plumbing and drainage needs-day or night!

Getting Too Hot This Summer? Here’s Some Tips to Stay Cool

Getting Too Hot This Summer? Here’s Some Tips to Stay Cool

Summer is here and you know what that means. Hot weather and sticky sleepless nights are on the horizon. But, you don’t have to suffer when ac services from Wickstrom can make your life cool and comfortable, while saving you money, too.

Stay Cool With AC Services

tips to stay cool with ac servicesIt’s a well-known fact that equipment that is properly maintained can give you more years of reliable service than equipment that is neglected. That’s why Wickstrom should be your go-to AC services company. Wickstrom is based out of Nampa, Idaho, but is now branching out into several new geographical locations, including Meridian.

An AC system that is totally efficient and running properly is the key to comfort during the summer months. There’s nothing worse than turning on your AC and getting nothing but hot hair because it has not been properly maintained and has broken down. Don’t let this happen to you. You and your family deserve a cool comfortable home, and we want to ensure that you have one with Wickstrom ac services that are now available in and around the Meridian area.

Don’t Overlook Regular Ac Maintenance

Often AC maintenance is something that gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a stressful life like the one that most of us lead these days. Unfortunately, since AC units contain a seemingly endless amount of moving parts, the chance of any of them sustaining damage because of faulty maintenance is exceptionally high. That’s why annual AC maintenance is recommended by all AC manufacturers.

An important fact that you may not even be aware of is that at least half of home energy costs are eaten up by cooling and heating. That’s why the minimal cost of proper annual maintenance of AC systems is the best money you can spend. It can not only make your home more comfortable to live in, but save you some serious money as well. You could lose as much as five percent of the efficiency of your AC unit each year if your equipment is not properly maintained.

Call Today for Professional Cooling Service in Meridian

If you’re in need of a professional AC specialist in the Meridian area for repairs or maintenance, give the specialists at Wickstrom a call for top quality AC services. And, you could even end up saving more money with the online coupons and special sales.

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC

AC Repair: When to Repair vs Replace Your AC

ac repair - ac maintenance

Are you wondering whether you need an AC repair or replace your AC? Many people as this question all the time – should I repair or replace my AC? Well, like so many things in life, it depends. An air conditioning system should last about 15 years. But the situation will determine when you should consider replacement.

If an air conditioner that’s more than a decade old begins to break down, consider replacement rather than a repair. Usually only one of the air conditioner’s major components, compressor or coil, fails, but it is usually more cost-effective to replace the whole system at once.

The best option is to have a properly trained and qualified AC repair technician in Melba examine your equipment and provide you with an honest assessment. Some 10 year old AC systems need total replacement due to lack of proper maintenance. Some 20 year old AC systems look and works efficiently because they have been well maintained. Qualified AC repair technicians in Melba know what to look for and can give you an honest assessment of your air conditioning system.

Just Because It’s New, Doesn’t Mean It’s Working

If you live in a good-looking newer home but still have the builder’s quality HVAC system which costs you more in utility bills than they should, it might be time to get a replacement of your AC, even if it still works. Every situation is different when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your AC. Wickstrom’s reliable AC services technicians in Melba can help you determine what’s the best way to handle the situation.

There are some other considerations that can help you in your decision, and these include finding out how much you could save by getting s newer high efficiency air conditioning system. Our experienced AC services technicians in Melba can also let you know about a tool where you can enter the details of your existing AC system, such as age, size, and where you live, and find out how much you can save.

The Choice is Yours

Ultimately, repairing or replacing your AC system is something that only you can decide on based on your comfort, environmental, and financial needs. Sometimes, the decision is not an easy one, so if you are not sure what is right, perhaps you would like to schedule in-home analysis of your existing air conditioning system. Call or email us if you have any questions.

Air Conditioning Benefits in Summer

Air Conditioning Benefits in Summer

Looking for a reliable A/C installation company or technician in Meridian? Want to make sure your air conditioner works efficiently during the warm summer weather? Professional AC services are available in the Meridian area with Wickstrom Service Co.

Stay Comfortable

One of the benefits of having AC for your home in the summer is to give a comfortable environment. Deciding to have an AC installed or repaired is a wise decision especially during the summer time. A well air conditioned home will give the occupants a cooler and more conducive environment. During the warmer seasons, the weather can change at any time and extreme heat can definitely be very uncomfortable. Having properly-installed and maintained AC will ensure that you can enjoy a better and more comfortable atmosphere.

AC Installation & Repair

Residential air conditioners allow you to maintain perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home. Bedrooms can be kept cool throughout the warm summer nights, ensuring that your night’s sleep is comfortable and peaceful.

With AC installed, your windows and doors can be kept closed keeping out nuisance insects and any external noise pollution.

Breathe Cleaner Air

Improved air quality is another benefit of having AC for your home in the summer. Today’s residential AC systems come with effective, air-purifying filtration features to reduce dust, bacteria, house mites, pollen and pet fur, particularly benefiting individuals who have allergies and respiratory problems.

A reputable AC installation company in Meridian will work hard to meet the cooling needs of residential customers by providing the best air conditioning services possible.

Having your home air conditioning system evaluated gives you the chance to be certain your AC is performing optimally, and providing all comfort levels and having safety concerns addressed right away.

 Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Checking on the AC unit yourself, and having a professional AC installation and maintenance technician stop by, certainly can help save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Proper installation and maintenance of your AC can prevent costly breakdowns, improve system performance, reduce energy costs, and extend the life of the equipment.

Proper AC installation can save you money and help avoid heat stroke when your air conditioner goes out. It is advisable to get a professional AC installation and maintenance services in Meridian to ensure optimal function. A reliable AC maintenance company has friendly, professional technicians who can ensure that your AC is in top condition.

Joys of a UV Air Purifier

Joys of a UV Air Purifier

If you want to improve the air quality in a Boise, Idaho building, then consider calling the Wickstrom Plumbing Co., to learn about the benefits of a UV air purifier installation. Air purification systems that use ultraviolet light are designed to eliminate several pathogens that can cause illness or allergic reactions. There is no reason to suffer from the symptoms of allergies, colds or influenza when an expert can install an air purification system in your home or business in only a few hours.

UV Air Purifier Installation & Repair in Boise

Eliminate Contagious Viruses in a Boise Building

To prevent the spread of illnesses caused by viruses, you should contact a professional for UV air purifier installation. When air in a room passes under the ultraviolet light, viruses are destroyed from the heat of the lamp. Studies reveal that nearly 100% of the viruses that cause influenza, colds and childhood illnesses are eliminated from the air.

Destroy Dangerous Bacteria with a UV Air Purifier Installation

In addition to viruses that cause illness, you want to destroy dangerous bacteria that cause illnesses. Bacteria floating in the air can land on countertops or food to cause salmonella poisoning, stomach ulcers or meningitis. By having an ultraviolet air purification system, you are less likely to develop a bacterial infection that can lead to a serious illness.

Removing Plant Pollen from a Building’s Air

If you suffer from allergies that are caused by Boise-area plant pollen, then contact us to learn how easy an UV air purifier installation is. With an air purifier inside a building, the tiny particles of pollen are suctioned into a high-efficiency particulate arrestance filter to help prevent chronic sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

Air Purification Systems Suction Mold Spores

Your business or home might have mold spores in the air that are causing allergic reactions. An ultraviolet air purification system heats and eliminates mold spores before suctioning the material into a HEPA filter.

There are Different Types of Air Purification Systems

It is possible to have UV air purifier installation with a freestanding or portable device that you can move. Alternatively, we can also install a purification device that is attached to a building’s air conditioner or furnace.