Get the Purified Air You Deserve

How Does an Air Purifier Work? 


Boise Air QualityMost Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Most of the pollutants easily pass through the throat or nose directly into your lungs. Air purifiers are designed to help remove odors and airborne particles from air passing through a filter.

You can protect yourself and your family from air pollution by purifying the air. Air purifiers can remove those pollutants, making that air safe. Three steps are involved in air purification.

First, the dirt air is brought in using fans via an intake grill that is normally found on the back or the front of the unit. Then, the air passes through filters. This removes all the pollutants, allergens and any other pollutants from the air.

The last step involves redistribution of the purified air. A powerful fan distributes the purified air back into the room. Some air purifiers come with ionizers that produce negatively charged ions. These ions attach to pollen, dander and other positively charged impurities to form larger particles. The larger particles are easily trapped by the filter.

Choosing the Right Air Purifier

Choosing the right air purifier for your home can be challenging. You may need to consult an expert to help you in selecting your purifier. You can also follow these steps when choosing your air purifier. To start with, you need to select the room size. This will help choose a purifier that fully fits in your room. You also need to identify the problem that you should address. You can buy an air purifier to remove dust, allergens, eliminate odors or reduce germs. Select a cleaner with the highest clean air delivery rate.

Boise Air PurifierHow Does an Air Purifier Help your Home?

Air purifier can improve the health of your family. It removes dust, allergens, reduces gems and eliminates odors. Removing these pollutants saves your family from respiratory diseases.

Contaminated air can damage the lungs, cause coughing, chest pain, throat irritation and shortness of breath. It can also worsen respiratory elements such as asthma and lower the ability of your body to resist respiratory infections.

People who have allergy and asthma are more prone to adverse effects of high levels of contaminants in air. You reduce asthma attacks when you purify indoor air. This can save you from spending money on treating such ailments.

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Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

What is the Importance of a Properly Sized Furnace?


Boise HeatingThe cold and blustery days are upon the nation. It is necessary to keep your house or business supplied with heat against the throws of mother nature. Most people have a furnace on their property for this need. However, if the system is too big or too small, it causes a number of problems including safety and danger issues.

- Efficiency and Lower Costs

If the system is too big the consumer is paying to operate oversized equipment. If the system is too small the cost is paying for the system to run constantly and face possible equipment failure.

- Comfort

When the wrong sized heating system is used it will effect the amount of times that the heater turns on and off. This creates a warm and cold cycle in the building. The heaters will not turn on at the proper times and therefore the person will experience hot and cold spots in the overall heating of the space. Heating systems that are oversized pump more air than is necessary into the space causing these drafts.

- Air Quality

Having the correct size of furnace will ensure that the air in the building is being processed and cleaned at the proper rate. As well as breathing concerns, the proper sized system will also help to eliminate moisture problems from oversized systems that can often encourage the growth of mold and mildew.

Dangers of Having a Wrongly Sized Furnace System

- Rust

Boise FurnanceWhen the furnace is too large for the area it needs to heat, it heats it too fast and shuts off too quickly. When this happens rust can form in the exchanger and rust it out from the inside. This frequent off and on of the furnace also puts extra stress on the exchanger causing it to experience stress fractures over time.

- Carbon Monoxide

When the exchanger experiences cracks and breaks it allows deadly carbon monoxide to enter the home. This odorless and colorless gas is deadly. All buildings should have carbon monoxide detectors to protect the inhabitants for this type of emergency.

When it comes to heating systems, bigger is not better. Finding the correct sized system for the area to be heated is essential to the efficiency, function, and safety of the occupants of the building. Consult a professional heating and cooling service to choose the right sized heating system for the space.

Instead of considering a furnace replacement on your own, leave this type of work to Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Hiring a professional can help you to preserve your property and your money, call us today at (208) 466-9447 for quality services in Boise. 

Inform Yourself Before a Disaster Occurs!

Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home


What Causes Slab Leaks? 

Boise PlumberSlab Leak is caused when one of your pipes starts to leak under your foundation. These
leaks can be caused by Corrosion. Corrosion in your pipes take place when the pipe makes
contact with the ground outside and the water inside. The movement of the water combined
with a possible charge in the ground can cause Corrosion. Another possible cause can be
Abrasion. This happens when a pipe is rubbing underground with something harder than
itself. Or it can be a construction defect, many times contractors forget to properly
seal a pipe before laying the foundation.

How Do I Know If I Have Slab Leak? 

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a Slab Leak, is to check your water
bill. A high water bill might indicate a Slab Leak if you know that you do not waste a
lot of water per month. The sound of running water is also a possible indicator of a
leak. If you  here running water in the middle of the night and cannot find any water
running, then this might be a symptom of a Slab Leak. You might also experience a hot
spot on the floor.

If you are walking around your house and feel an area that is hotter
or more humid than usual, then this might be a strong indicator of a Slab Leak. In
addition if you are walking around your house and notice that the ground is wet, even
though you have not thrown water there, then this might be a possible Slab Leak. All of
these symptoms might occur even if you do not have a Slab Leak. Make sure you call a
skilled technician to determine if you do.

How Long Does The Repair Take? 

Boise Slab LeakMost Slab Leaks can be repaired in 2 days. On the first day the leak is found through
our leak detection service and the area is prepared for repair. On the second day, after
we repair the leak, we seal the hole, and turn the water back on. We always try to work
with the homeowner to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. If the leak is
found to be a quick repair, then we will do our best to turn on the water as soon as
possible. Once the leak is fixed then we fill the whole back up and finish the slab as
it was.

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A Regular Plumber Won't Tell You This About Bathroom Remodels

Possible Problems With Bathroom Remodeling


Boise PlumberRemodeling your bathroom is wonderful way to update your home and increase the value of your home. However, remodeling your bathroom can also be hazardous because of the electrical and plumbing problems that could occur.

Looks for Signs of Mold

It is important before beginning your bathroom remodeling to first check for signs of mold. Mold can be identified by its black spots and patches of drywall that look wet. Mold will develop behind drywall, so you may have to open it up to check. If you do find mold, call a mold remediation company to take care of this problem before beginning your remodeling project.

Poor drainage is another potential problem. This could mean clogged pipes or water flowing to the wrong place. Your venting system could be another problem area. Test your venting system by turning on the shower and fan and see if your drywall begins to sweat or your mirror fogs us. The next step is to turn off your shower and see if the wetness in the room decreases. If it doesn’t, then your vent is not working as it should.

Check out your Floor’s Joists

In addition, with some bathroom remodeling projects, floor joists can be an issue. A new tile floor will crack if the floor is not stiff enough. Old corroded plumbing is something else that could be problematic. If your bathroom has old corroded cast iron or galvanized drain lines and galvanized water supply lines, they will have to be replaced.

Leaks and Deterioration can Cause Big Problems

Bathroom RemodelingMost importantly, tile tub surrounds and tile showers that are not waterproof are two other areas that could show up during a bathroom remodel. If left unattended, this could lead to water vapor moving around inside your wall, which could lead to leaks and deterioration.Plumbing that is not vented properly can cause drains to gurgle or traps to be drained dry and that can lead to drains stopping up. To be clear, many common issues with bathroom remodeling are usually caused by unprofessional workers and too much moisture. One issue to pay close attention to is the framing of the floor.

Another issue that could occur is plumbing fixtures. Before starting your bathroom remodeling, be sure to check your plumbing fixtures. Find out where the plumbing is vented and make sure that it is up to code and working as it should. Many who have updated their bathrooms are glad they did because they were able to take care of small issues and prevent them from becoming much larger and more expensive issues.

To conclude, remodeling your bathroom can be a worthwhile project but before you begin, do some serious checking or ask a plumber for his suggestions.

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Must-Know Information About Your Home's Furnace

Dealing With Your Furnace


Boise HeatingIt is important to keep your home's furnace in working order and to call for furnace repair services whenever needed. Lack of maintenance would create an environment where one's furnace can experience a number of maladies. These could be all or any of the following.

1. The noisy furnace

A loud banging noise from your furnace could mean a number of different issues. these could include a very loose belt, a problem with the ignition system, or the replacement of a component that close to failing.

2. The thermostat requires a major notch up to produce heat.

If one finds their home cold on a regular basis the thermostat may be faulty culprit as well as possible leaking ducts. Another issue could be a problem with one's pilot light.

3. Sky high electric bills

High electric bills often is a sign of inefficient performance.

4. The pilot light is yellow

This is a sign that the gas combination of one's furnace is not in the best condition. Yellow can be a sign of bad gases such as Carbon Monoxide.

5. Its difficult to start the furnace and keep it going

A furnace repair may be needed to replace a thermostat, fix faulty wiring, or repair a pilot light, or a fan motor.

6. The air quality in one's home is affecting the health of the family

If one's family has experienced various breathing related issues such as asthma or other allergies a poorly operating furnace may be the culprit.

Boise Furnace7. Cold spots exists in pockets within your house

Ice inside the home is never a good sign and requires immediate repair.

8. Condensation is seen inside of the house

Evidence of condensation inside of the house is a sign that the furnace is operating inefficiently. A repair visit should fix the problem but if that is not successful a new furnace may be needed.

9. One's furnace is past ten years old

If one's furnace is over ten years old it may be cheaper to purchase a new one and save costs on repairs over the course of the several years following the ten year anniversary of the furnace.

10. Lack of maintenance visits to one's furnace

The normal age for a furnace is about 10 to 15 years based on use and periodic maintenance. If one's furnace requires frequent repairs in a a few year period it may be time to purchase a new furnace.

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Forgot About The Air Filter Again?

Air Filter Replacement


Boise Heating & CoolingWhy is it Important to Change my Filters on a Timely Basis?

The frequency of Air Filter Replacements is best determined by a heating and cooling professional. Heating and cooling units differ in size and output.

A licensed heating and cooling expert can assist with determining how often filters should be changed based on the specification of your unit. This is based on the size of the home vs. the size of the heating and cooling unit. Some homes have dual systems due to the home's custom built size.

It is important to change your filters on a timely basis to avoid reducing the heating and cooling unit's operating efficiency. The unit has to work harder to provide heating and cooling when the filter becomes clogged with dust particles. This is often the cause of damage to the unit that may require costly repairs.

Climate Affects Timely Change of Filter

The other factor of importance in the frequency of changing filters is use. Heating units in some certain climates get more use due to early colder temperatures. The reverse is true in high heat climates where cooling units are used sooner and more often. The other issue is the type of filter the unit requires. Today's filters are manufactured for longer wear, efficiency and durability. HEPA filters are todays most popular. HEPA filters provide more protection from airborne allergens. This results in higher levels of indoor air quality. Filters are sold in a wide range of sizes that meet heating and cooling unit standards.

How Often Should it be Replaced?

Air FilterWhen all of the specifications of the unit, the size of the home or commercial building and the volume of use are considered, filters should be replaced when they appear to be coated with dust particles. The volume of dust depends on how well maintained air ducts are.

Filters need to be replaced more often when air ducts have not been properly and regularly cleaned. When air ducts are maintained, filters are changed less often, depending on the type of filter fabric. It's best to consult with a heating and cooling professional on the best type of filter fabric for your particular unit.

Change Your Filters or Replace Them?

Air quality within a home or commercial building emits a dusty odor or increases allergens in air streams. This is a sign your filter needs to be changed or replaced.

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Get Rid That Nasty Kitchen Smell With One Call

Maintaining a Garbage Disposal


Garbage DisposalGarbage disposals are wonderful and necessary appliances; however, they can quickly become smelly and awful. There is nothing quite as awful than a terrible odor coming through your kitchen, giving you a loss of appetite and an overall disgusting feeling.

Do this First!

Before you do anything about your smelly garbage disposal, it is import to first find out what is causing your garbage disposal to smell so bad. There are various causes of a smelly garbage disposal such as chicken skins, animal fat, egg shells, celery, beans and vegetable peels.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Steps

There are some simple steps you can take to clean your garbage disposal such as first running hot water down the sink. Then, put a mixture of hot water and degreasing dish soap down the drain. Follow this mixture with two minutes of hot water. The next step is to turn off the power to your garbage disposal, take a bottle brush and scrub the black flaps on the drain and go far down into the disposal—only as safely as you can reach. Next, turn off the power to your disposal again and put three cups of ice cubes down your disposal. The ice will sharpen the blades and get rid of any remaining goo and gunk out of your disposal.

Maintaining your Garbage Disposal

Boise PlumbingTo maintain your garbage disposal, always run the water in the disposal while it is grinding up your food. Do this for at least 30 seconds after the food has finished grinding. Another tip is to every week rinse hot water and baking soda or hot water and dish soap down your disposal. This will clean out your disposal. Or, put a load of ice cubes through the disposal once a month. However, if all of the above doesn’t work, call you plumber and have him replace your garbage disposal.

To conclude, no one likes a smelly garbage disposal and it can be embarrassing when friends and family members gather for special mean at your home. However, there are things you can do, as mentioned above, that can solve this problem. If after trying to clean your garbage disposal and you find that nothing is working, that is the time to call your plumber. He has the knowledge and experience to get your drain going again or replace it with a new one.

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Save Money With A Thermostat Today!

Benefits of a Thermostat Upgrade


Thermostat InstallationA thermostat is a means of making sure that a room or home is cooled or heated to a temperature the homeowner desires. The right thermostat is often essential if the person's home or office space is to be heated or cooled effectively. Many types of thermostats are available for purchase. Most people own a standard thermostat. This kind of thermostat can provide basic heating and cooling choices that allow the homeowner to heat or cool their home as necessary.

How Does a Wi-Fi Thermostat Work?

Newer thermostats are also available. One of the most common is known as a wi-fi thermostat. A wi-fi offers several advantages over that of the standard, traditional thermostat. The wi-fi thermostat works by allowing the user to program it to their exact specifications. The user can do so when standing directly in front of the thermostat or from a cell phone or other device that uses wi-fi technology and allows for internet access.

Can It Save Me Money?

Heating & CoolingThis kind of thermostat thus offers the homeowner several important advantages over traditional thermostats. These advantages can help the homeowner potentially save money on their heating and cooling bills. A wi-fi thermostat allows the user to make very specific changes in their home's use of heating and cooling energy. For example, if you come home everyday at five in the evening but aren't home the rest of the day, you can program the thermostat to start heating your home to your desired temperature before you get home. You can also program the heat to remain off when you are not home.

This can help the user save money when they are not home by not having the heat on unnecessarily. The user can also program the thermostat from a remote location. If they are running late, this means they can use their smartphone to make sure the heat isn't on until much later. The user may later find out that their wife will be home earlier than expected. They can have the wi-fi thermostat turned on a little earlier in order to provide a warm home when she walks in the door.

A wi-fi thermostat can also help users track down how much money they are spending on heating and cooling costs and suggest ways to reduce such costs. This can easily help the buyer pay off the cost of purchasing the thermostat and have lowered energy costs as well.

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Plumbing Rule You Must Never Forget

Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningClogged drains are frustrating for home owners the world over. While major drains can clog and lead to your sink being overfilled and damaging your kitchen, slow draining sinks are also annoying and irritating to have over a long period of time and should be fixed with professional Drain Cleaning services.

What are the typical causes of clogged drains.

One of the most common causes of a clogged drains is simply food or other waste matter that gets stuck in the drain and prevents the functioning of the drains in a normal matter. There are sometimes obvious causes that lead to clogged drains such as a large piece of food that gets stuck in the drain or a liquid that congeals.

Another thing that can lead to a clogged drain is an outside impediment. An example of this could be a tree root that grows next to a pipe and exerts pressure on the pipe causing it to bend inward. This can lead to a blocked pipe that is not clear and free of debris and can be easily clogged as a result. Other plant matter such as tree roots can become lodged in a drain and can prevent the pipe from operating effectively.

Finally, sometimes plumbing systems are poorly designed by bad plumbers or do it yourselfers who create sharp 90 degree angles that lead to pipes that become very easily blocked with debris. If you are having a new plumbing system built in your home it is essential to always use a licensed plumber who can design your plumbing system in an effective way to reduce the risk for clogs.

How can I keep drains from being clogged?

Boise PlumberFirst, make sure no large pieces of food go down your drain and use a drain catcher to prevent this from happening. Never poor oil or other liquids that can congeal down your drain. In addition, avoid using chemicals that you put down your drain to clear clogs as they can damage the integrity of the pipes and lead them to be more easily clogged.

Finally, have your system inspected by a plumber on an annual basis to make sure that it is working effectively. Many plumbers use high tech augers which can go deep into your plumbing system to make sure that it is effectively designed and operating in a sound manner. If a problem does come up avoid trying to fix it yourself and contact a high quality plumber with the skills and know how to solve your problem.

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The One Home Tip You Must Never Forget

Heating & Cooling Systems' Air Quality


Air QualityThese days, many homeowners are attempting to optimize their living space by making it as healthy and functional as possible. However, many of these homeowners are unaware that indoor air quality can play a primary role in determining the quality of one's private living space. To learn more about this important issue, please review the brief outline that appears below.

The Importance Of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is an important topic to discuss for many reasons, including the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that exposure to pollutants in the air can greatly exceed those found outdoors. Although broadly defined, air quality basically references how clean and well-functioning the air coming from your AC is. There are a plethora of factors that can compromise the purity of your air, some of which can include dirt and debris in your filter. When your air becomes impure and you ingest it, you can expose yourself and other loved ones to a plethora of health problems. Some of these problems include dry, itchy eyes and allergy-type symptoms such as watery eyes and sneezing.

Determining Your Indoor Air Quality

Boise HVAC ServicesIn order to determine the air quality of an individual's home, professionals will collect air samples, monitor human exposure to possible contaminants, and collect samples on the surfaces of the building. Indoor air quality is classified as a component under the broader umbrella of indoor environmental quality (IEQ), and this wider field also includes the psychological and physical aspects of indoor life such as thermal comfort, acoustics, visual quality, and lighting.

What Does An Air Handler Do For My System?

Air handlers are helpful for your AC system because they circulate conditioned air that has been produced by HVAC machines in your house. When you have a high quality air handler, it is quite easy to humidify, dehumidify, or filter your air stream whenever necessary.

How We Can Help

Our company is comprised of passionate professionals who love optimizing your AC equipment to provide you with the cool, clean air that you need in order to feel comfortable in your private living space. By optimizing your air quality and air handler, we'll ensure that your home life with family and friends is convenient and fun

Concerned about the air quality inside your Boise home? Take action and call Wickstrom Plumbing Heating & Cooling today at (208) 466-9447.