Things to Look for if You Think You Have a Water Leak

Things to Look for if You Think You Have a Water Leak

There are some very obvious signs that you may notice if you need water leak repair, such as flooding in the home for a major ruptured pipe. However, some leaks are smaller in size, and they may be buried deep inside the walls or foundation of the home or in the yard. These can be more difficult to identify and to pinpoint, but they can create signs that are observable. By understanding what the signs of a leak are, you can better maintain your Boise area home.

water leak repair

For hidden leaks anywhere on your property, you may notice that your water bill is higher than normal for no explained reason. If you have not adjusted your usage of water and have noticed a higher bill, it may be time to call a plumber for a diagnostic appointment. If the leak is inside the home, you may hear a slow drip without being able to pinpoint it to a leaky faucet or another area. You may also see a puddle of water or a small wet spot on the ground if there is a leak in the foundation. It may return even though you keep wiping it dry. If the leak is in the yard, the area around the leak may be more lush and green than other areas of the yard, or you may notice a wet spot or muddy area when you have not watered or when it has not rained for awhile.

These are all signs that you may have a leak on your Boise area property, and they are signs that you need professional diagnostic services. A leak can cause the expense of wasted water, and it can cause property damage in a number of waters. In addition to water damage to your various surfaces, it can also lead to mold growth if the problem is not addressed properly in a timely manner. Therefore, if you believe that you have a plumbing leak on your Boise property, now is the time to contact us for assistance with your problem. We can respond to your request for water leak repair without delay.

Why You Need a Water Softener

Why You Need a Water SoftenerWater Softener Services

The calcium and magnesium in hard water creates problems for homeowners. Hard water causes spots to form on your dishes and it affects the performance of your appliances. If you live in the greater Boise area, then you are prone to having water quality issues.

Many water problems in this area are caused by the geological conditions. The mountains surrounding Boise contain high concentrations of toxins and minerals. These toxins run down into the water supply. A water softener installation company can help solve this problem. Read on to find out why you need a water softener.

What Is A Water Softener System?

A water softener system converts hard water into soft water. It gets rid of the minerals that are harmful to your pipelines. This system also keeps your plumbing clean and clog-free. This results in your plumbing lasting longer and preventing recurring plumbing repairs.

To Prevent Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are common in areas with hard water. Hard water causes your pipes to clog. It is loaded with magnesium and calcium, which results in particles forming. These particles block your water supply and causes frequent damage to your water system.

This results in your water supply becoming hard from natural mineral build-up. However, this problem can be resolved with a water softener system.

To Prevent Damage To Your Clothing

Hard water shortens the lifespan of your clothing. This is a serious problem if you like designer brands. Washing your clothes in hard water lessens the quality and damages them. It has substances in the water that is harmful to fibers in linen, clothing and towels. Removing the minerals out of your water system improves the quality of your fabrics. It also makes your clothing brighter and cleaner.

To Maintain Softer Skin And Healthy Hair

Some people do not understand how much water affects your skin and hair. Washing with hard water causes your hair to look lifeless and your skin to become dry. Hard water also creates molecular particles from your soap. These particles trap the dirt that comes out of your body.

Owning a home is a big responsibility. You are in charge in of making repairs, which because even more of a financial burden with hard water. However, you can save money by calling a water softener installation company. Installing a soft water system solves this problem. It also allows you to save money over the long run.

Things to Watch Out For to See if Your Gas Line is Leaking

Things to Watch Out For to See if Your Gas Line is Leaking

If you have a gas line leak, it is imperative that you call a professional for gas line repair service in Boise as soon as possible. Gas leaks come with the risk of fire and explosion, and this can cause serious injury to yourself and others and damage to your property. However, gas is clear, and it can be difficult to detect a leak if you do not know what you are looking for. By understanding what the signs of a gas leak are, you can more easily determine if you need to take action.

Common Signs of a Gas Leakgas line repair

There are several common signs of a gas leak that may indicate the need for an immediate diagnostic and repair service. Gas may be clear, but it has a strong, pungent odor that many describe as being akin to rotten eggs. If you have noticed this smell with no explanation for it, gas may be the cause. You often can hear gas escaping from a leak in the pipe, and this is particularly true inside the home. If you notice a hissing sound near one of your gas-based appliances, you may have a leak. Another sign is dead or dying vegetation along the length of the pipeline or in a localized area over a small section of the pipe. You have to know where the pipe runs in your yard to make this determination.

If You Notice Signs of a Potential Leak

If you have noticed any of these signs of a potential gas leak, it is important to get out of the home immediately and to call for gas line repair service. You should not attempt to re-enter the home until the gas line service professional has told you that it is safe to return. This is because the risk of explosion from combustible gas is high when there is a leak.

As a Boise homeowner, you want to take excellent care of your property. Some signs of damage may be obvious, such as a water leak and related water damage. Other signs of damage, such as a gas leak, may require you to be more observant. Now that you are aware of the signs of a gas leak, you will know when to call a professional for diagnostic and repair service in Boise.

Don’t Breathe Dust Because Your Air Ducts are Dirty

Air Duct Cleaning: Stop Breathing Dust

Air Duct Cleaning

Boise is no stranger to dust, and this dust invariably ends up in the house. Dust is comprised of human and animal hairs, human cells, mold spores, pet dander, pollen and other particles. The problem with dust is that many people are allergic to the particles in it, which makes them directly sick, and decreases the strength of the immune system. Dust has a major impact on health. In addition, it attracts dust mites. Preventative air duct cleaning will rid your home of the dust and dust mites, leaving you with fresh & clean air in your home.

The Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air pollution as the fourth greatest threat to Americans. Dust can flare up asthma, cause rashes and create cold-like symptoms. The body reacts to dust because it is an allergen. The immune system recognizes allergens as foreign bodies and seeks out to eradicate them. The result is an immune system that is weakened, a body that is more prone to other illnesses and general malaise from fighting off these allergens.

There are two things in the home that cause the most amount of dust in the air within the home. Dust will initially float through the air and eventually get trapped in carpet fibers. The carpet harbors a lot of dust. Dust mites are found in concentrated amounts in the carpet and mattresses. When people walk across the carpet, dust will kick up into the air. The other places dust likes to collect is in air ducts. Since air ducts can cause dust to float throughout the air, it’s vital to perform an air duct cleaning once every couple of years.

Along with dust, air ducts may have tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold, carbon monoxide and chemicals in them. Clean air ducts reduces the amount of dust and other allergens in the home. It reduces the amount of time needed for dusting in the home, and it will help everyone in the home to maintain strong immune systems.

Apart from improving the home’s indoor air quality, removing dust from air ducts can increase your heating and cooling system by as much as 50 percent. Expect to see huge savings in heating and cooling costs once you have had your air ducts cleaned and reduced the amount of dust within your home. In addition, you can extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. Reap the benefits of having a full breath of fresh air. Your body needs it.

Is Your AC Broken?

Is Your AC Broken?
Looking for a reliable plumbing or HVAC company in Boise? It is important to ensure that your air conditioner works properly, especially during the warm weathers. A well air conditioned living space or office environment will give the occupants a better and more conducive atmosphere.

Having routine maintenance and inspection is a good way to keep your cooling system in top condition. When the air conditioner breaks down or does not work efficiently, it’s extremely important to contact a professional for quality AC repair.

When deciding to get any type of professional help for the cooling system, including air conditioner installation, it is imperative that you choose the right technician for the job. Whether repairing your air conditioner or having a new air conditioner unit installed, you want to be certain the job is done correctly. Choosing from the different air conditioner technicians or companies in your area shouldn’t be a difficult task, but you need to do some research first.

It is advisable to look for a technician or company that has a good reputation among clients and in the industry. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a technician or company that has a great reputation, has verifiable references, and also be certain that the company is properly licensed and insured. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a legitimate and reliable company.

Last, make sure the air conditioner service or repair technician you are considering, is well versed with the type of service you need. Only qualified technicians can perform the service properly, and ensure that your cooling system works at peak efficiency.

Hiring someone who is experienced and has great expertise in the type of repair or installation you need will ensure that the project will be completed without hassles. No matter what your HVAC or plumbing issue may be, you can rest assured knowing that they will have the right solution for your need.

If possible, request references and contact them. It is a great idea to get feedbacks from previous customers regarding the quality of repair or service rendered.

For satisfactory results, look for a technician or company that has an established history of providing outstanding AC repair and maintenance services. When you call a highly trained and dedicated team of AC repair technicians in Boise, you can rest assured that your cooling system repair or maintenance is in good hands.

Tankless Water Heater Benefits


Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

When the time comes for you to replace your home’s water heater with a new model, you may take a closer look at what tankless water heaters offer. These are unique water heaters that heat water on demand. This is in comparison to traditional water heater models that store heated water in a tank until you are ready to use it. There are some benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to move forward with tankless water heater installation.

Tankless water heater isolated on whiteNever Run Out of Hot Water

The most significant benefit is that you will not run out of hot water in most cases with tankless water heater installation. This is because the water is heated on demand, so there is always a steady flow of water available. The only way you would run low of hot water is if you had multiple people or appliances trying to access hot water at the same time. For example, if your dishwasher, clothes washer and several showers were all using hot water at the same time, you may run out of hot water. However, this is rare, and it can be controlled by the homeowner. Furthermore, you can install a larger system or piggyback two units together if you think this may happen in your home.

Savings on Your Heating Bill

Another benefit is that you may see savings on your heating bill. Regardless of whether you use gas or electricity to heat your water, you will see savings. With a tank-style water heater, the heater is constantly running to keep the water hot in case you need it. This includes when you are away at work, when you are sleeping and more. This is an inefficient design that wastes energy. With a tankless water heater installation, you will only heat water when you need it, and you will stop heating water as soon as the demand in the home stops. This is a far more energy efficient method.

These are the two primary benefits associated with a water heater installation. Because a tankless water heater can impact your convenience level in the home as well as your wallet, many people are interested in installing a tankless water heater. We want to help you install the right tankless water heater for your home. If you are interested in installation service for a new water heater, contact our office today.

Why You Should Replace Your Ceiling Heat for Central Heating

Why you should replace your ceiling heat for central heating

There are several common ways that homes are heated today, including ceiling heat and central heat systems. Ceiling systems generally use radiant heat, and central heat systems propel heat through ducts into every room in the home. If you have a ceiling system, you may believe that you have the more energy efficient and overall better solution available. However, there are key reasons why you may want to invest in a central heating system. With a closer look at what today’s innovative heating systems have to offer, you may be ready to contact your technician to make an upgrade.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance in Boise

New Energy Efficient Centralized Models Are Available

When your ceiling heat system was installed, it may have been several years or even decades ago. Great strides have been made in HVAC units in recent years, and this means that there are some very energy efficient models of central heat systems available today. These may be more energy efficient than the radiant heat option that you are using. In addition, when the new system is installed, you can upgrade your insulation for even better savings. For example, spray-in foam insulation is often viewed as being superior and more energy efficient than fiberglass foam. Altogether, making an upgrade to a new model can save you a considerable amount of money on energy costs each year.

Better for Your Pipes

An HVAC unit blows heated air outward through the ducts, and it fills the entire home with warm heat. Some homes with ceiling heat are not heated in every room in the home. This means that some rooms are cooler than others with a ceiling heat system. You may not realize it, but the air inside your exterior walls is affected by the temperature inside the home. The pipes run through these walls, so their temperature is also affected by the temperature inside the home. Because a central heating system heats the entire home evenly, there is less chance that your pipes may freeze and rupture during the winter months. Plus, you will enjoy having your home more comfortably heated throughout as well.

A Programmable Thermostat

When you upgrade your system to a more modern central heat system, you can also choose to invest in a programmable thermostat with smart controls. These are thermostats that can be programmed to adjust to a different temperature numerous times a day as needed to save energy without sacrificing your comfort level. In addition, you can control and monitor them via your smart phone or another device for ultimate savings.

Ceiling heat systems may be outdated and less efficient than the more modern HVAC units that are on the market today, and there are other upgraded features available as well, such as new insulation and thermostat controls. When you make the decision to upgrade to a modern system, you can take advantage of all of the benefits available through each of these climate-control features so that your home uses less energy and stays more comfortable in the process.

You May Be Ready for Winter, But is Your Furnace?

winter heating guideWhen nights start to grow cooler, it is time to check in on your heating unit to make sure it is ready for to kick on for winter. If you are a new homeowner, you may not be aware of the responsibility having your own heating unit requires. Listed below, there are a few suggestions for checking out the efficiency of your heating unit. Of course, if you feel there is a problem, have high heating bills or cannot figure out how to do the work yourself, call a Boise heating services professional for an inspection. Without an annual inspection you put your home at risk (especially the plumbing) while you are waiting for your heating unit to be repaired or replaced.

The long list of tiny tasks for your heating inspection

While some DIY projects are exciting, inspecting your heating unit is easy but somewhat boring. The name of the game for furnace or heating unit inspection is observation. To get started, figure out how to turn off the power supply to the unit completely and make sure there is not a hard-wiring area that you may not be aware of without reading the user’s manual. After turning it off, see if you can turn it back on again and observe the furnace flame kicking on.

Once everything is turned off and unplugged again, the second step is to figure out which kind of filter your heating unit uses and use the user’s manual to replace it. While the unit is still turned off, the third step is to see if there is any debris that needs to be carefully removed with a vacuum nozzle. Finally, use the heating unit diagram in the user’s manual to look at each numbered part. If you notice any differences between your unit and the picture in the manual, it is time to give a pro Boise heating services specialist a call.

Advantages to having an annual inspection

When something goes wrong with your heating unit, it helps if you are already a customer with a repair service. Each year, and inspection service representative can check your heating unit. However, what you may not realize is that they are also writing down your model number, what condition your equipment is in, and what types of repairs you might need this winter. When you call the Boise Idaho heating repair specialist, they are likely going to bring a part to your house that they already ordered in advance because they anticipated you might need their services this winter. In other words, having a friend on your side that works with you to help protect your home is what forming a good relationship with a local heating inspection and repair service is all about.

Give a call to have your unit inspected today

Even if it is at the middle of winter, it is never too late to have your heating unit inspected. When you give us a call, we will come to your home and check through all of the important areas of your heating unit that are discussed in this article. Whether it is a minor repair or simply the reassurance that everything is in working order, we work hard to give you an inspection service that you can rely on this winter.

Keep in mind that most heating units do not need to be repaired or replaced, but certain aspects of an inspection will help you to save money on utilities such as changing the filter or making sure the power supply wiring is not faulty. To get started with your furnace or heating unit inspection with a Boise Idaho heating pro, call us today! Thank you in advance for choosing us, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Draino: To Use or Not to Use

plumbing pipesAre you battling with the decision about how to clean out a clogged drain and are not sure if you can find an unbiased opinion about whether or not to use Drano? While there are plenty of scientific studies online to show that certain types of clogged pipes can be cleaned without corrosion by specific products, this is not the end of the battle. Instead, the real damage may not be the pipes at all, and calling a Boise Idaho plumber maybe your best solution.

Pipes are not the concern of Drano damage, necessarily

Companies that sell drain cleaners often run tests on various types of plumbing pipes and adhesives to ensure that the product is not damaging the drain. Regardless, around the plumbing pipes are other types of materials that may not have been tested to see if they can withstand the corrosive effects of powerful drain cleaners. If you have recently remodeled your bathroom or kitchen, consider the fact that air pockets can be released when you use drain cleaners and cause liquid products to bubble up in strong bursts that may extend to outside of the drain area. While it may not be a large splash, these corrosive agents could potentially damage surrounding porcelain, ceramic, metals, wood, or stone counter-tops.

When the clog is in the yard pipes

Sadly, many apartment renters and homeowners alike do not realize that their septic systems are attached to a cesspool that has not been pumped in a long time. Adding drain cleaners to pipes that are clogged completely will mean that you will have standing water with a corrosive agent for as long as it takes to get the septic tank cleaned. In some cases, having the chemicals exposed to the air in the home can cause health problems and will need to be removed by a wet/dry vacuum.

Sometimes, Drano may not be the right product for people with disabilities

One of the aspects of using Drano that the makers of the product would agree with is using supervision and supervising other household members while using the product. In some cases, you may find that you and your family are not suited for using Drano. For example, if you are legally blind and the primary supervising adult in the household, you may not have enough vision skills to supervise a case of Drano gone wrong. Other instances where a household is not suited for using Drano may include adults with dementia or other household members that have difficulty following directions and staying out of the area where Drano is being used.

Avoid using Drano outdoors

Everyone likes to work to protect the environment, but it is easy to overlook the fact that Drano should not be used in the outdoors. This is especially tempting if you have an outside drain that is clogged with leaves, but consider the animals that may drink from water that has collected in the drain. In addition to pets, wildlife can be negatively affected by drinking corrosive agents.

Give a Boise plumbing pro a call today!

Now that you have a better understanding of situations where Drano may not be the best solution for you and your home, your next step is to give a Boise Idaho plumber a call. In addition to helping you understand how a product like Drano could be helpful, we can also give you other tips that help you assess whether calling a Boise plumbing professional is helpful or not. To get started, give us a call, and we thank you in advance for choosing us as part of your success team.

Tips to keep your A/C working longer

Replacing your home’s air conditioner is not something that you may be looking forward to for a number of reasons. Many homeowners will not replace their HVAC unit until the current unit has died or needs significant repairs, and this means that your home may be without the functional use of a cooling system for many long hours or even days. In addition, a Nampa HVAC unit can cost a small fortune, and you may feel stressed about this expense. All air conditioners will require replacement at some point, but there are some tips that you can follow to maximize the life of your current system.

Schedule Annual MaintenanceWrenches on Air Conditioner

Most mechanical equipment will need to receive a tune-up from time to time, and the same holds true for an air conditioner. A tune-up can clean your air conditioner so that it can operate with peak efficiency. Issues that may be causing unnecessary strain on some components can be addressed. This essentially can reduce wear and tear so that your system has a longer life.

Replace the Air Filter RegularlyChecking Air Filter

Dirty air filters will cause your cooling system to work harder than they need to. This is because your air conditioner will need to work harder than necessary to force the cooled air through the air ducts and into your home. This extra work will strain your system and can decrease its life span. By simply replacing air filters on a regular basis as recommended, you can prevent your system from working harder than it needs to.

Repair the System As Soon As Possible

Air Conditioning RepairSome AC repair issues will require an immediate repair, but there are other repair issues that you can easily delay. For example, you may notice that your system is not keeping your home quite as cool as it once was, but you may not call for service because the system is still working. Even a seemingly minor issue can cause your system to work harder than necessary. You can avoid putting extra strain on your AC unit by scheduling repair work with a Boise HVAC contractor right away.
Your Nampa HVAC unit is one of the most important features of your home because it provides you with the ability to control the indoor climate for comfort and safety. By following these important tips, you can easily take better care of your unit and can extend its life.