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Your Middleton Plumber

Plumbing and air conditioning are the parts of any building that keep that building comfortable. Without a working bathroom, faucet or air, no one wants to stay inside. Repairing and managing these systems is our specialty. We provide Boise, and the surrounding area, with fast, friendly, and efficient solutions for all of your major problems. From issues big and small you can rest easy knowing that our technicians have got you covered.

All of our services come with…

  • Cost effective solutions
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Technicians who make sure to leave your home clean

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Do You Need Air Conditioning Installation and Repairs?

The installation of a new air conditioning system is a process that we do not take for granted. We work very hard to give every customer the air unit they need. When installing these units, we measure the space that is to be cooled. We use these measurements to make sure we install the unit that is just the right size for the space. Units that are too large suck up power. Units that are too small will never cool the space properly.

Our repair services are equally specific. We inspect the entire air conditioning system for defects and faults. We replace parts that are no longer working, and we test the unit to make sure that it blows out cold air when we are finished. Before we leave any job, we ensure that it is always done to the highest level possible.

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Are You Facing A Plumbing Emergency?

Plumbing problems do not choose the time of day or night that they occur. We know that customers may have a flood at four in the morning or in the middle of a teleconference. We respond to all emergency plumbing calls immediately. Our crews will shut off the water or sewer lines to stem the flood. Next, our crews will find the issue and repair it quickly. We work fast so that our customers can begin their cleanup fast. Our goal is to make life easier for our customers who are suffering through emergencies.

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Is A Clogged Drain Plaguing Your Home?

Drain cleaning is one way for our customers to help prevent plumbing emergencies. Drains are meant to capture dirt and debris before it passes into the piping. However, drains can become clogged with hair and debris that will eventually spill into the piping in the building or home. Drain cleaning helps to ensure that this debris never makes its way into the plumbing system. Our technicians will provide you home with efficient and professional drain cleaning solutions to prevent any serious issue in the future.

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Does Your Water Bill Rise Every Month?

Water leak detection is an essential service for many of our customers who suspect problems in their plumbing but cannot find them. Water leaks may be detected by property owners due to a dripping sound, but the source of the leak is not always evident. Our water leak detection equipment is used to find leaks in even the most obscure parts of the home or building. Once we find the leak, we can repair it and let the customer know what was causing the leak.

Getting a professional to handle these problems is essential to maintaining a home or building. We have certified technicians on every job who know how to complete repairs and installations just as quickly as possible. Don’t suffer through a plumbing or HVAC issue in your home. Call us today and get the services you need in no time!

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