Heater Troubles? Get a Tune-Up!

Signs Your Heating Unit Needs a Tune-Up


Boise HVACAn HVAC system and heating units themselves can be expensive items to repair, regular maintenance should be undertaken by a qualified company, like ourselves, at least once a year. By completing regular maintenance a homeowner can often avoid the major issues of costly repairs and extend the average 12 year lifespan of a heating system, with the added benefit of lower utility bills often added into the bargain.

Leaking Water Around the Furnace

A common symptom many people find they have with their HVAC system is the issue of water puddling around the base of the furnace, which can be a sign that the system is encountering the first symptoms of problems that could grow over time.

Our company understands how and why these issues occur and will work with the homeowner in a bid to resolve the issue quickly and easily during a routine maintenance checkup that takes place during the times the system is not often used in the Fall and Spring.

Strange Noises can be Heard

A sign that all is not well in the heating system is usually the fact that strange noises can be heard coming from the system, these commonly occur during the period the system is starting up.

These noises can often be handled with ease by our team of technicians who will often find the problem is the loosening of parts over time as the heating system is in use for prolonged periods of time. Sometimes further repairs are needed, but by keeping up with the required maintenance the costliest repairs can often be avoided.

Not Feeling as Hot as the Year Before

Maintenance of a heating system is paramount to the interior comfort level being maintained. Many homeowners call our service after beginning to feel as though they are not as comfortable as they were in previous years within their home, often the heat will turn on and off at irregular intervals to make it difficult for the home to reach the desired heat level.Boise HVAC TuneUp

By completing regular maintenance on the heating system the individual homeowner will see most of these problems be avoided as our technicians will take care of the issues before they become a major problem during a scheduled tuneup.

Is the heater in your Boise area home not working  quite like it used to? Call Wickstrom Plumbing at  208-466-9447 for a professional tuneup!  

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