Heat Pump Services

Heat Pump Services in Boise

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Heat Pump Services in Boise

There are several benefits to using a heat pump, which is why having a faulty unit repaired or replaced is important to the efficiency of your heating system. For professional solutions, look to your local Boise technicians at Wickstrom.

How Does A Heat Pump Work?

A heat pump is a device that uses a tiny amount of energy. It heats a home by moving heat from various locations. Heat pumps pull heat from the air or the ground when it heats an office or home. Heat pumps can also be used to help cool a home using the same process as an air conditioner.

Heat pumps are energy efficient because they work to transfer heat, while other heating devices must burn fuel to heat the home. Because a heat pump does not use fuel, it is more eco-friendly than other heating sources.

What are the Benefits of Using a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps work with just a push of a button. On cold days, it proves useful because it heats the home quickly.

A heat pump also helps homeowners control various comfort levels. By using the remote, everyone can adjust the temperature based on their own specific comfort levels. The remote also lets homeowners switch from heating to cooling fairly quickly. Once the heat pump reaches the proper temperature, it will maintain that temperature until adjusted.

Heat pumps are cost effective because they use less kilowatts of electricity.

What are Common Heat Pump Problems?

Our technicians will help you tackle any heat pump problem, including a unit that is failing to offer any heat. For this specific problem, we will troubleshoot the thermostat. The unit will be set over the home’s room temperature during maintenance. If the heat pump has a digital thermostat, it will be set about four degrees higher. This procedure is used to make sure the heat pump operates, and not the backup electrical elements.

During routine maintenance, we can find problems – such as fan issues – that will need replacement services.

We will help you safely repair or replace your heat pump for maximum efficiency. Call us today at (208) 466-9447 for immediate service.