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Garbage Disposal Services in Boise

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Garbage Disposal Services in Boise

The garbage disposal in your kitchen is integral to the comfort of your home. Whether you use your kitchen often or not, having a functioning garbage disposal is important to daily comfort. With that being said, garbage disposals can succumb to various problems over time. Although most problems can be a hassle, many issues can be repaired without the need for replacements. Our technicians have years of experience and are factory trained, guaranteeing that we will have a solution for you. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our past customers have to say here, and call us today!

What Are Common Garbage Disposal Problems?

When it comes to garbage disposal issues, there are usually two that can be noticed in your home. Our technicians can easily inspect your unit and determine an expert repair solutions.

  • Garbage Disposal Makes No Noise And Won’t Turn On – This is a common issue that many homeowners in Boise will find. This can generally be caused by electrical issues in the garbage disposal. In some instances a circuit could be flipped preventing electrical flow to the unit. In other instances the motor may be blow all together. Our experienced plumbers can find the solution for this issue and get your unit back up and running in no time.

  • Garbage Disposals Makes Noise But Won’t Function – This is the second most common issue with a garbage disposal. This can generally be attributed to more of a mechanical issue. In most instances the common cause is a stuck flywheel. This will allow for the unit to turn on, but prevent the blades from turning all together. Our technicians can find the reasoning for this and provide you with efficient repairs today.

When you have an issue with your garbage disposal, the most important thing to do is find professional services. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the unit and provide you with a repair option that can have your garbage disposal back up and running in no time!

How Can You Avoid Garbage Disposal Damage?

Although most garbage disposals can handle many objects, some objects should never be placed down the drain. Materials such as glass, metal, and plastic can damage the blades and the motor. Homeowners should understand the effects of each item that is placed in the garbage disposal before attempting to jam it inside.

Some other items that can also damage the motor include grease, oils, and fats. In other instances large fibrous food such as stalks of celery and corn husks can easily jam your garbage disposal as well, preventing it from functioning at all.

Although cleaning is recommended, harsh chemicals should never be used in the disposal. Avoid using drain cleaners and bleaches because these cleaning products damage the pipes and blades. In the event of damage to your garbage disposal our technicians can provide you with solutions that are both practical and safe for your plumbing system.

What Are The Benefits Of Professional Garbage Disposal Installation Services?

Many homeowners contact our company when they buy their first garbage disposals and when they replace their current one. Letting a professional handle the installation is highly recommended because skilled technicians offer better quality and faster installation.

Many homeowners use their garbage disposal everyday, so the unit must be installed efficiently to reduce operational issues. The biggest benefit, however, is that professionals complete the installation process quickly but efficiently. Our technicians arrive at project locations on time and complete the project in no time ensuring that homeowners can enjoy using their garbage disposals the day they purchase them. Once installation is complete, our technicians offer great advice and maintenance services that can help homeowners protect their units.

Are you looking for professional installation and repair services for your Boise, ID garbage disposal? Call us at (208) 466-9447 and get industry leading solutions today!