Faucets, Fixtures and Sinks

Faucet, Fixture and Sink Services in Boise

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Faucet, Fixture and Sink Services in Boise

Your faucets, fixtures, and sinks all need to be properly maintained to be sure that they are operating at maximum efficiency. It can be easy to take these items for granted but when they become damaged you could find yourself in serious trouble. Our expert plumbers are always available to provide our customers in the Boise, ID area with efficient and professional repair solutions. From upgrades, to repairs, and everything in between, Wickstrom Plumbing Co. is your go to plumbing expert. Don’t just take our word for it. See feedback from our past customers, and call us today!

When Is It Necessary To Replace Your Faucet?

Over time, faucets start to deteriorate and become less efficient. A leaky faucet can sometimes be repaired easily, but at some point a damaged faucet needs to be replaced. Take a look at the base of your faucet as well. Over time, the water can eat away at the base of your faucet and create a problem with water leaking under your sink. When your faucet is no longer able to be repaired, then it needs to be replaced.

Similarly, some homeowners may want to upgrade or renovate their faucets for a more modern look. Our experts can help you choose the best faucet for your home and install it ensuring that your home is in the best shape possible!

When Should You Services Your Sinks?

Sinks can last for many years, but once they begin to suffer from plumbing issues, you can quickly find yourself in a serious predicament. If you have a chip or crack in your sink, this can not only be an unsightly issue, but it can also result in water leaks. Similarly if your sink is stained or yellowed, it can be an unattractive blemish on your home. Our staff members can help you choose a sink that is both functional and beautiful for your home and install it in no time!

How Can You Avoid Fixture Leaks In The Future?

The fixtures in your home includes shower heads, sinks, faucets, shower knobs, and more. Over time these items can break down and result in water damage to your home if left unrepaired. The best way to avoid a fixture leak is to have one of our experienced plumbers inspect your home. We will be able to see the worn out parts that lead to leaks and provide you with a quote for the preventative maintenance that will stop leaks before they happen.

Another way to prevent leaks is to use these fixtures with care. One of the reasons people get leaks on a regular basis is because they are too rough when using their fixtures. Because of this wrong usage they can quickly break down and require repairs more frequently. Our plumbers can help provide you with efficient and professional services to restore the quality and functionality of your fixtures in no time.

How Can These Issues Affect Your Home?

A leaky faucet costs you money by inflating your water bill month after month. The water that leaks out is all wasted water that your home is still using. Put a bucked beneath that area to see how much water is wasted to get an idea of how much money it is costing you.

Leaky faucets also create water damage problems under the sink, in the walls, and in the floorboards. This water damage can culminate in some serious issues including mold, deterioration, and rotting. One of the leading causes for significant damage in a home is attributed to water damage.

Are You Interested In Purchasing A Hose Bib For Your Home?

The hose bib is the part of your exterior faucet that connects to your hose. Over time, it can become deteriorated and debris can collect in the threads. If the hose bib becomes damaged, then you will not be able to connect a hose or sprinkler to it. This can be a very serious hassle for homeowners who have to wrestle with a hose just to get it connected properly.

We recommend having one of our plumbers come to your home at the beginning of the spring to clean and check your hose bib. If it needs to be replaced, then we will supply you with a reliable quote for affordable services. Replacing a hose bib is a job for a professional, and we will get you the best solution possible.

Expert Plumbing Services From Wickstrom Plumbing Co.

When it comes to industry leading plumbing services in Boise, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Wickstrom Plumbing Co. Our highly skilled plumbers can always find the best solution for any of your homes needs. From small jobs like a leaky faucet, to something more complex like a sink replacement, our technicians have got you covered. We specialize in all aspects of residential plumbing and can always provide you with the best plumbing solutions without breaking the bank. Our goal is to do the best for our customers all the while keeping them happy and comfortable. Call us and find out how our plumbers can help you and your home today!

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