Drain Cleaning: Just Don’t Do It!

Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions


Boise Drain CleaningLiquid drain cleaning solutions are a convenient and inexpensive solution for many people with a clogged or slow drain. Chemical drain cleaners are easily found and cheap when compared to a visit from the plumber. However, these products can end up costing a lot more in the long run, and can be hazardous to people and pipes.

Liquid drain cleaners are acidic chemicals best used to eat away at clogs like grease and hair. These products are readily available at most discount stores. The chemicals dissolve clogs close to the drain opening surface, but can also eat away at other things, including pipes.

Are drain cleaners dangerous?

Drain cleaners can cause burns to the skin if not handled correctly, and even a little backsplash from pouring the chemicals down the drain can cause damage. Skin and eyes should be washed immediately upon contact (or follow instructions on the packaging).

Serious burns can result if drain cleaners are left on the skin.

If ingested, drain cleaner can be fatal. Keep these and other hazardous products away from children and pets.

Do liquid drain cleaning solutions damage pipes?

Many items can be damaged by liquid drain cleaner. Drain cleaners are caustic chemicals formulated to dissolve clogs, like hair, meaning they can eat away at other things as well. Liquid drain cleaner can damage wood, fiberglass, paint, fabrics and pipes.

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Liquid drain cleaners are especially dangerous to your pipes. These cleaners dissolve clogs, and a whole lot more. Old plumbing is most at risk, and metal pipes erode quickly from drain cleaner use. The more a drain cleaner is used, the worse things become. If your pipes are already damaged, the cleaner can eat a hole in the pipe.A common clog can turn into a plumbing nightmare.

While liquid drain cleaners are tempting to purchase and use, it is safer to call a plumber. Why risk damage to your pipes and your health? Don’t make a costly mistake. If you have a clogged drain or sink, contact a professional to take care of it, or risk costly repairs in the future.

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Don’t Let Your Drain Cause You Pain

Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning

Boise PlumberDo you take your drains for granted? With a life being as busy as it is, chances are you do. Unfortunately, this could result in pipe and home damages down the road. That’s why you should invest in annual drain cleaning. Not only can you prevent costly repairs but you will benefit in a variety of ways. First and foremost, you’ll be protecting your biggest investment, your home or business.

Avoid the Hassle

Often times your main drain plug is located in an area you’d rather not enter, such as under your home or in a crawlspace. It’s unpleasant to crawl where you could get hurt or come face to face with spiders or other unsavory creatures. Not only that, most wouldn’t want to deal with the mess that’s gathered in the drain over the years. A professional plumber knows just how to clean and remove any build up to avoid further damage.

Plumbing That Works

You pay for water, and your home is an investment. Shouldn’t you enjoy the fruits of your labor? You’ll appreciate free flowing drains that allow fixtures to operate as they should. No more slow draining or backup issues will plague your day to day routine. Isn’t the simple yearly maintenance worth it? Roots, grease, and debris should all be cleared from pipes, and it’s not something that an inexperienced individual should handle. Advancements in plumbing technology, like CCTV camera and hydro jets, can detect potential problems with ease.

Save Money

Having your drains cleaned yearly is an easy way to save money. When pipes become clogged it only results in damage. This damage is often times not only to the pipe, but possibly your home. Sewage backup can destroy your home’s interior in a matter of minutes. That’s why it’s smart to invest in cleaning and inspection. If you wait until there’s a problem, it could make a small issue a huge one. Your plumbing likely runs underground and making repairs on underground pipes isn’t cheap. Boise Drain Cleaning

Invest in a worry-free home with affordable and professional cleaning – at least yearly. You’ll be glad you did!

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Plumbing Rule You Must Never Forget

Drain Clog Prevention


Drain CleaningClogged drains are frustrating for home owners the world over. While major drains can clog and lead to your sink being overfilled and damaging your kitchen, slow draining sinks are also annoying and irritating to have over a long period of time and should be fixed with professional Drain Cleaning services.

What are the typical causes of clogged drains.

One of the most common causes of a clogged drains is simply food or other waste matter that gets stuck in the drain and prevents the functioning of the drains in a normal matter. There are sometimes obvious causes that lead to clogged drains such as a large piece of food that gets stuck in the drain or a liquid that congeals.

Another thing that can lead to a clogged drain is an outside impediment. An example of this could be a tree root that grows next to a pipe and exerts pressure on the pipe causing it to bend inward. This can lead to a blocked pipe that is not clear and free of debris and can be easily clogged as a result. Other plant matter such as tree roots can become lodged in a drain and can prevent the pipe from operating effectively.

Finally, sometimes plumbing systems are poorly designed by bad plumbers or do it yourselfers who create sharp 90 degree angles that lead to pipes that become very easily blocked with debris. If you are having a new plumbing system built in your home it is essential to always use a licensed plumber who can design your plumbing system in an effective way to reduce the risk for clogs.

How can I keep drains from being clogged?
First, make sure no large pieces of food go down your drain and use a drain catcher to prevent this from happening. Never poor oil or other liquids that can congeal down your drain. In addition, avoid using chemicals that you put down your drain to clear clogs as they can damage the integrity of the pipes and lead them to be more easily clogged.

Finally, have your system inspected by a plumber on an annual basis to make sure that it is working effectively. Many plumbers use high tech augers which can go deep into your plumbing system to make sure that it is effectively designed and operating in a sound manner. If a problem does come up avoid trying to fix it yourself and contact a high quality plumber with the skills and know how to solve your problem.

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Give yourself a peace of mind!

How can drain cleaning help your overall mood?


Boise Drain CleaningIt is not such a nuisance to arrive home and find that something is not right. One of the most common household problems that you may have to face recurrently is a clogged sink drain. It is not easy to deal with this kind of household problem since you will be left with dirty sink, flooding bathroom, or even dirty water. While it may not be considered a huge issue, it can still affect your mood somehow since no one wants a cluttered or dirty home.

Fortunately, small clogged drain problems can easily be solved by using products that you can find in your home. Household items such as salt, baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar have proven to work wonders. However, in the case where a clogged drain is not solved despite do-it-yourself measures, it may be time for you to consider calling the professionals for a drain cleaning service. Clogs can start as a tiny problem but they can become worse in just a short period of time. This is especially true if you do not take any action.

Preventative Measures

Rather than having to deal with recurrent clogged drain problems, prevention is still a better approach. There are things you can do to minimize clogging problems. One method is to avoid pouring grease down the kitchen sink since oil tends to accumulate and cause a blockages inside the pipe. In your tub or shower, make sure you have strainers or stoppers to keep falling hair from going down the drain. Most importantly, it is best to address clogs before they completely become hard-to-remove blockages.

When to Call Professionals

If you have done everything to tackle clogged drains and still your efforts remain futile, the problem may lie in areas that are not within your reach. This is the time when you will need to seek help from professional plumbing services. When you choose us, you can leave all the clog drain problems behind and let us do the work. We address the root problem just to make sure you will not have to deal with the issue for a long time.

If you hire our professional plumbers, you can spare yourself from buying household cleaning products that may not work because you have a problem that is bigger than you think. It may be time to rethink your strategy and let the professionals handle the dirty job.

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