Getting Too Hot This Summer? Here’s Some Tips to Stay Cool

Getting Too Hot This Summer? Here’s Some Tips to Stay Cool

Summer is here and you know what that means. Hot weather and sticky sleepless nights are on the horizon. But, you don’t have to suffer when ac services from Wickstrom can make your life cool and comfortable, while saving you money, too.

Stay Cool With AC Services

tips to stay cool with ac servicesIt’s a well-known fact that equipment that is properly maintained can give you more years of reliable service than equipment that is neglected. That’s why Wickstrom should be your go-to AC services company. Wickstrom is based out of Nampa, Idaho, but is now branching out into several new geographical locations, including Meridian.

An AC system that is totally efficient and running properly is the key to comfort during the summer months. There’s nothing worse than turning on your AC and getting nothing but hot hair because it has not been properly maintained and has broken down. Don’t let this happen to you. You and your family deserve a cool comfortable home, and we want to ensure that you have one with Wickstrom ac services that are now available in and around the Meridian area.

Don’t Overlook Regular Ac Maintenance

Often AC maintenance is something that gets overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a stressful life like the one that most of us lead these days. Unfortunately, since AC units contain a seemingly endless amount of moving parts, the chance of any of them sustaining damage because of faulty maintenance is exceptionally high. That’s why annual AC maintenance is recommended by all AC manufacturers.

An important fact that you may not even be aware of is that at least half of home energy costs are eaten up by cooling and heating. That’s why the minimal cost of proper annual maintenance of AC systems is the best money you can spend. It can not only make your home more comfortable to live in, but save you some serious money as well. You could lose as much as five percent of the efficiency of your AC unit each year if your equipment is not properly maintained.

Call Today for Professional Cooling Service in Meridian

If you’re in need of a professional AC specialist in the Meridian area for repairs or maintenance, give the specialists at Wickstrom a call for top quality AC services. And, you could even end up saving more money with the online coupons and special sales.

Air Conditioning Benefits in Summer

Air Conditioning Benefits in Summer

Looking for a reliable A/C installation company or technician in Meridian? Want to make sure your air conditioner works efficiently during the warm summer weather? Professional AC services are available in the Meridian area with Wickstrom Service Co.

Stay Comfortable

One of the benefits of having AC for your home in the summer is to give a comfortable environment. Deciding to have an AC installed or repaired is a wise decision especially during the summer time. A well air conditioned home will give the occupants a cooler and more conducive environment. During the warmer seasons, the weather can change at any time and extreme heat can definitely be very uncomfortable. Having properly-installed and maintained AC will ensure that you can enjoy a better and more comfortable atmosphere.

AC Installation & Repair

Residential air conditioners allow you to maintain perfect indoor temperature in any of the rooms within your home. Bedrooms can be kept cool throughout the warm summer nights, ensuring that your night’s sleep is comfortable and peaceful.

With AC installed, your windows and doors can be kept closed keeping out nuisance insects and any external noise pollution.

Breathe Cleaner Air

Improved air quality is another benefit of having AC for your home in the summer. Today’s residential AC systems come with effective, air-purifying filtration features to reduce dust, bacteria, house mites, pollen and pet fur, particularly benefiting individuals who have allergies and respiratory problems.

A reputable AC installation company in Meridian will work hard to meet the cooling needs of residential customers by providing the best air conditioning services possible.

Having your home air conditioning system evaluated gives you the chance to be certain your AC is performing optimally, and providing all comfort levels and having safety concerns addressed right away.

 Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Checking on the AC unit yourself, and having a professional AC installation and maintenance technician stop by, certainly can help save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Proper installation and maintenance of your AC can prevent costly breakdowns, improve system performance, reduce energy costs, and extend the life of the equipment.

Proper AC installation can save you money and help avoid heat stroke when your air conditioner goes out. It is advisable to get a professional AC installation and maintenance services in Meridian to ensure optimal function. A reliable AC maintenance company has friendly, professional technicians who can ensure that your AC is in top condition.

Is Your AC Broken?

Is Your AC Broken?
Looking for a reliable plumbing or HVAC company in Boise? It is important to ensure that your air conditioner works properly, especially during the warm weathers. A well air conditioned living space or office environment will give the occupants a better and more conducive atmosphere.

Having routine maintenance and inspection is a good way to keep your cooling system in top condition. When the air conditioner breaks down or does not work efficiently, it’s extremely important to contact a professional for quality AC repair.

When deciding to get any type of professional help for the cooling system, including air conditioner installation, it is imperative that you choose the right technician for the job. Whether repairing your air conditioner or having a new air conditioner unit installed, you want to be certain the job is done correctly. Choosing from the different air conditioner technicians or companies in your area shouldn’t be a difficult task, but you need to do some research first.

It is advisable to look for a technician or company that has a good reputation among clients and in the industry. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a technician or company that has a great reputation, has verifiable references, and also be certain that the company is properly licensed and insured. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a legitimate and reliable company.

Last, make sure the air conditioner service or repair technician you are considering, is well versed with the type of service you need. Only qualified technicians can perform the service properly, and ensure that your cooling system works at peak efficiency.

Hiring someone who is experienced and has great expertise in the type of repair or installation you need will ensure that the project will be completed without hassles. No matter what your HVAC or plumbing issue may be, you can rest assured knowing that they will have the right solution for your need.

If possible, request references and contact them. It is a great idea to get feedbacks from previous customers regarding the quality of repair or service rendered.

For satisfactory results, look for a technician or company that has an established history of providing outstanding AC repair and maintenance services. When you call a highly trained and dedicated team of AC repair technicians in Boise, you can rest assured that your cooling system repair or maintenance is in good hands.

How should I choose an HVAC technician?

How to choose an HVAC contractor


HVACWhen something goes wrong with your HVAC system, it’s probably best left to the professionals to handle. Your heating, air conditioning and ventilation can all be intricate systems, and without the specialized knowledge to pin point a problem, you just may be creating a bigger and more expensive headache for yourself. A licensed specialized HVAC contractor will be able to troubleshoot your issue, identify possible future problems, and if needed, replace your system.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your HVAC system, it’s crucial that your system is installed properly and you adhere to routine maintenance to ensure your system is performing at its maximum efficiency. Below are some quick tips on how to choose a good HVAC contractor:

Ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Nothing is better than a good recommendation. Make sure to ask them what service was performed, that will help you determine if this particular contractor will even benefit you. If you don’t have anyone to ask, check your local listing with customer reviews. Don’t rely solely on a nice looking website.

Once you have a contractor in mind. Don’t rely on their word alone. Ask for proof they’re following HVAC regulations. A quick search on the internet will tell you what certifications and licenses a HVAC contractor is required to have in your state or local area. Always check to see if they have worker’s compensation insurance. The last thing you want is an injured contractor coming after you for reparation.

A contractor who is willing to inspect your system before giving estimates is the type of contractor you’re looking for. HVAC systems are very intricate, and without a proper examination any number of things could be the culprit. A thorough examination beforehand will give you the best chance of getting an accurate assessment.

Just like a doctor, its always good to get more than one opinion. Obtain estimates of at least 3 different contractors. This allows you to measure their work,and get a more accurate price for the repairs.

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Why should I have AC maintenance services done?

Importance Of A Summer Maintenance Call For Your AC Unit


AC MaintenanceAir conditioning is something we never think about until it breaks down on a 100 degree day. Did you know each year your air conditioning loses around 5% of its efficiency? It’s true in fact components of your AC unit weakens and breaks down overtime. Without routine AC maintenance you could end up having to pay thousands out of pocket for major repairs that could have been prevented altogether. So the question is, why is it important to have your AC unit maintained in the summer?

As you may know it or not, the AC is a great power hog! The longer you go without getting your AC unit maintenance the more you will have to pay each month on your electric bill. This can happen to those who have energy-efficient AC’s as well. The best thing to do when trying to avoid higher the normal electric bills is by taking proper care of your unit while getting your AC maintenance when time is due. When doing those two things, your AC will be running up to 95% of its original efficiency.

We also want to save on repairs and by doing so we have to make sure that we take on the responsibility to get our AC units maintenance on a regular basis. In other words, it costs more to repair the unit than to get it checked, so if you decided to neglect getting your AC maintained when time is due, then you are risking a fat chance of having to pay expenses which could have been avoided from the beginning.

When hiring a good HVAC company to maintain your AC Unit, you will notice that they will clean out coils, check for leaks and Freon levels. They will also replace filters as needed. When little things like changing the filter and check Freon levels are ignored then you risks ruining a perfectly good climate control unit while breaking your wallet.

Having a warranty for you unit is a great idea! However, when negligence takes place then your warranty will be voided. Manufacturers require annual maintenance for the warranty to be honored.

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