Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

Read This Before Your Next Furnace Purchase

What is the Importance of a Properly Sized Furnace?

When the cold and blustery days are upon the nation. It is necessary to keep your house or business supplied with heat against the throws of mother nature. Most people have a furnace their property for this need. However, if the system is too big or too small, it causes a number of problems including safety and danger issues.

Efficiency and Lower Costs

If the system is too big the consumer is paying to operate oversized equipment. If the system is too small the cost is paying for the system to run constantly and face possible equipment failure.


When the wrong sized heating system is used it will effect the amount of times that the heater turns on and off. This creates a warm and cold cycle in the building. The heaters will not turn on at the proper times and therefore the person will experience hot and cold spots in the overall heating of the space. Heating systems that are oversized pump more air than is necessary into the space causing these drafts.

Air Quality

Having the correct size of furnace will ensure that the air in the building is being processed and cleaned at the proper rate. As well as breathing concerns, the proper sized system will also help to eliminate moisture problems from oversized systems that can often encourage the growth of mold and mildew.


When the furnace is too large for the area it needs to heat, it heats it too fast and shuts off too quickly. When this happens rust can form in the exchanger and rust it out from the inside. This frequent off and on of the furnace also puts extra stress on the exchanger causing it to experience stress fractures over time.

Carbon Monoxide

When the exchanger experiences cracks and breaks it allows deadly carbon monoxide to enter the home. This odorless and colorless gas is deadly. All buildings should have carbon monoxide detectors to protect the inhabitants for this type of emergency.

When it comes to heating systems, bigger is not better. Finding the correct sized system for the area to be heated is essential to the efficiency, function, and safety of the occupants of the building. Consult a professional heating and cooling service to choose the right sized heating system for the space.

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