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AC Service

Keep your home cool with professional ac service, repair, and replacement. Call (208) 466-9447 for immediate service in Boise, ID. Save money on your service call using our online sales and coupons.

Ensuring the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning system is especially important during the hot summer months. Unfortunately, no matter how much maintenance is done to your unit, there will be times when it stops working and you will need to contact a professional for repair or replacement. When this happens, look to your team at Wickstrom for solutions. We serve Boise and the surrounding areas.

Air Conditioners We Offer

We are proud to be a Carrier partner, which means we are able to offer top of the line AC units at a fraction of the cost. Here are the models we offer:
ac service for carrier comfort puron ac unitac service for carrier 18vs heat pump ac unit

Carrier Comfort Puron                                      Carrier 18VS Heat Pump

What are Common AC Problems?

Some of the most common repair issues you may face with your system include your unit failing to switch on properly. The fan may turn on, but no cool air will come from the vents no matter what you set the temperature at. In some cases the unit may not come on at all, or it may be leaking water.

Anytime you encounter these types of issues or any problems with your AC, call our team of ac service professionals to come and inspect the unit. This is often the quickest and most efficient way to get your unit running again.

Should You Consider AC Service, Repair, or Replacement?

Your unit may have a number of problems that make it costly to fix. If your unit is over 12 years old, it will be more cost effective to replace the unit rather than spend money on repairs. This is especially true if your unit is not cooling your home as well as it used to. Sometimes, a faulty unit will start to cool areas unevenly, which is a sign that it may be time to replace your unit.

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What are the Benefits of Regular Maintenance?

An effective way to avoid unnecessary repairs or early system replacement is by making sure your unit is maintained on a regular basis. It is a good idea to have your unit inspected by one of our professionals at least once a year, prior to the start of the summer season. Doing so can help prolong the life of your unit, while improving its efficiency. This is beneficial, as a unit that is running at its best will need to use less energy to operate. This can result in lower utility costs for your home.

How Can You Save on Cooling Costs?

Since it’s important to keep costs low, it is a good idea to make sure your unit is running as efficiently as possible. While regular maintenance by one of our technicians is important, you can also check the air filter on your unit once a month; this is especially important during the summer, when the unit is in frequent use. If the air filter is dirty, replacing it with a new one can help the unit run more effectively and efficiently.

It is also important to make sure your thermostat is calibrated correctly and that it is reading the temperatures inside the home properly.

You can also make sure your home is well insulated so the cool air inside is retained, and the hot air outside is kept from entering your home.

Make sure your home is ready for summer with an AC inspection, repair, or replacement. Call us today at (208) 466-9447.