AC Filter Replacements

AC Filter Replacement

Haven’t maintained your AC system in a while? You may need to replace a clogged filter. Call today for professional ac filter replacement. Save money on your service call using our online sales and coupons.

AC Filter Replacement

Every air conditioning system has a filter to provide clean air as efficiently as possible. Window air conditioners typically have a washable filter; however, central units may have a disposable type of filter. Regular filter replacement is crucial to the longevity of your AC unit.

If you need help replacing a severely clogged filter, contact your Wickstrom team for service in Boise and surrounding areas.

How Often Should You Consider an AC Filter Replacement?

Air filters need to be changed on a regular schedule, as determined by the internal factors of your home. At Wickstrom, we offer a custom schedule that is determined after carefully considering all of the important factors that affect the air filter. Manufacturers tend to recommend waiting until it appears dirty, or sticking to a schedule of every 30-60 days.

A single-occupancy home with no pets may not require ac filter replacement more than a couple of times a year.

Indoor pets, smoking, and a higher number of household members decrease the amount of time in between filter changes. Animals shed dander and hair that quickly clog the filter and prevent adequate airflow. If occupants of the home have allergies, it may be necessary to change or clean the filter more often so that contaminants are less likely to cycle through the air.

What If You Don’t Replace Your Air Filter Regularly?

The health of your household member, your air conditioner, and your wallet are all at risk when a filter remains neglected.

Failure to regularly replace your filter has a significant impact on the performance of the air conditioning system, cutting down on its overall efficiency. Any time a unit is required to work harder to pull air through a dirty filter, the electricity bill is going to go up. The internal components can gradually become exposed to the debris that is sucked through the clogged filter. This decreases the lifespan of the air conditioner as it wears down the motor and fan prematurely.

A clean filter, on the other hand, traps contaminants (such as pet dander and dust) to decrease the effects of allergies. Poor air quality can aggravate asthma, cause the spread of illness, and expose everyone inside to airborne bacteria.

When Do You Need Professional Filter Replacement?

Disposable filters are not difficult to change, but we recommend calling in a professional if you notice mold, insects, or a significant amount of dirt sticking to your filter. It is good that the filter is catching these contaminants, but it is also a red flag that your HVAC system needs to be investigated thoroughly.

Do not put your family at risk of extreme temperatures or contaminants from a poorly functioning HVAC system. AC filter replacement is an important responsibility of every homeowner. Neglecting to change the filter can cause serious issues within the home, as well as expensive repairs that could have been easily avoided.

Make sure you’re always breathing clean air with professional ac filter replacement. Call us today at (208) 466-9447 to schedule a visit from one of our technicians.